Gehry Draws

by | 23. Aug 2012



Everyone knows what the distinctive curves and lines of Frank Gehry’s buildings look like. But where do they come from? Gehry has described drawing as his way of “thinking aloud;” Gehry Draws traces that thinking through 29 major projects, providing a privileged view of the creative practice of a master architect. More than 360 drawings and as many illustrations chart the evolution of Gehry images from marks on the page to three-dimensional models to completed buildings.

gehry_draws_2Photo: arcspace
Fans were lining up at Hennessey + Ingalls in Santa Monica to have their copy signed by Frank Gehry.

Horst Bredekamp’s introduction relates Gehry’s drawing methods to the concept of “disegno,” as practised by Leonardo and Durer, not only the act of drawing and modeling but also the dynamics of creative thinking, and shows how Gehry thinks through the curving movements of his hand on paper. Gehry himself describes for Bredekamp his method in several explanatory sketches, and Bredekamp applies this to a study of drawings made for specific Gehry commissions.

gehry_draws_3Photo: arcspace

As a counterpoint, virtual-reality filmmaker Rene Daalder looks at the way Gehry’s combined use of drawings and and computers anticipates new directions for architects in the twenty-first century. The essay focuses on establishing Frank Gehry’s importance as a trailblazer for the digital age.

gehry_draws_4Editor/publisher Robert Violette, Rene Daalder and Gehry.

Mark Rappolt takes a look at the drawings in the context of the potentials and freedoms they offer architectural design, through the interplay of gesture, personality, and objective design.

Gehry Draws is produced in collaboration with Frank Gehry and his team at Gehry Partners. Project synopses and commentary by Gehry and two of his Partners and Project Designers, Edwin Chan and Craig Webb, guide us through the full range of Gehry production, from the small details of furniture design to such large-scale undertakings as the Disney Concert Hall and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.