Work Scape, New Spaces For New Work

by | 22. Oct 2013



By Christopher William Reeves

Mundane, boring and uninspiraational are not words associated with this collection of new age office designs. Work Scape, New Spaces for New Work is an intriguing insight into the current flock of designers, architects, companies and organizations who are reevaluating the relationship we have with our place of work. 

For many the office represents a place where the majority of life’s waking hours are spent; a home away from home, a refuge, an escape, a place of tranquility. Ok, maybe that’s going a little far, but nonetheless the office is place where we dedicate a fair chunk of our lives working, interacting, creating and communicating with others. The time spent designing and decorating our own homes can be somewhat un-proportional to the actual time spent there.

Think, all those weekends and hours spent knocking down walls, up and down ladders fixing shelves, moving cupboards from room to room and back again, pacing through IKEA picking the right lamp shades, arguing with the wife about open plan this and open plan that, it’s exhausting, yet rewarding when the finished product creates an environment you can call home, an environment to do what you do best at homeā€¦sleep! So who is putting equal thought and effort into creating the best workplace environment to facilitate your skills and creativity? The answer, all the clever and inspiring designers and architects featured in this book of course!

workscape_press.jpgGoogle Headquarters by Penson. From WorkScape, Copyright Gestalten 2013

Gestalten have composed a fascinating array of all the key projects and companies fueling a workplace design revolution. From the outrageous and quirky to the pragmatic and logical, Work Scape illustrates the importance of workplace design as the borders of our professional and personal lives are increasingly merged. From the changing context of employer and staff relations, the 46 office designs illustrated through stunning images, floor plans and detailed project descriptions, portray the current trail blazers in creating spaces that facilitate staff productivity. From the CEO to the Intern, every inch of space in every example has been carefully curated to accommodate the diverse work preferences of staff into a shared and professional environment.

workscape_press_p160-161.jpgHue+Phot Studio by Schemata Architects. From WorkScape, Copyright Gestalten 2013

The book begins with a highly informative introduction of the history and dynamics of office design. Easy to read yet engaging and personal, the reader is bought to an understanding of why the majority of offices are formed as they are and why new innovative design is necessary in today’s more service orientated economies. The same goes for the project descriptions, informative yet brief, enough detail is mentioned about the concepts, architects, designers and client motivations to leave the reader informed yet curious to see what the next page holds.

Covering some of the biggest and most prominent companies in the world, one is intrigued to see the designs of global headquarters that are rarely seen by non-employees. Images contain blurred staff, moving in their various surroundings, bringing a welcome fluidity to what could have been a static interior design catalogue. In addition, detailed floor plans cater for the more practical minded, inspiration for both young design or architect students and professionals alike.  

workscape_press_anz.jpgANZ Centre by Hassell and Lend Lease Design. From WorkScape, Copyright Gestalten 2013

workscape_press_kpmg.jpgKPMG by 3XN Architects. From WorkScape, Copyright Gestalten 2013