by | 10. Jun 2013

The Camera

We’re Thue and Anders, we’re CphCph, two friends and photographers. CphCph is a tribute to Copenhagen. To the buildings, the underground, the nights, the secret places, the empty spaces. We do it because we love life in the city and because we want to feel free.

Basically we’re trying to capture the essence of the city and the buildings. The city is evolving tremendously these years and we try to document the expanding, living city.

CphCph originated in urban exploration, exploring abandoned buildings and infrastructure. We only take pictures at night and only in Copenhagen – this has become our dogma.

Our workflow is simple – find a building, get on top of it at night, capture the very essence of the place and the feeling it gives in one great shot. We show people their city form perspectives and angles they haven’t seen before. They may recognize the buildings but they can’t quite grasp the where and the how.

We’ve developed a distinct style with a strong emphasis on contrasts, light and perspective. We see the architects as artists and being artists ourselves we feel that a building should be regarded as a work of art and documented with a strong subjective approach. The majority of architectural photographs are in our opinion too objective and deprived of any human expression.

They appear sexless and neutral. We want to document the buildings with power and guts, like a curveball to your face. We want to give life to the building and add a narrative to the photographs. We are very much inspired by movies and music. For instance, our Blue Planet project was inspired by The Abyss, a movie we love, and going to the roof was like travelling deep into the ocean or outer space.

Since we started we have been very active and have gathered a lot of attention, thanks to Facebook, blogs and the news. Danish architect Rasmus Brønnum was the first to blog about us and after that it just took off. National Danish newspaper Politiken did a feature article on us, Danish GQ magazine Euroman have featured us, Roskilde Festival invited us to document the festival in our distinct style and different companies started to contact us with assignments. All along we’ve been selling high quality prints of our photographs, but even though we are now also working for commissioned jobs, our approach is still the same.

We keep on looking for new ways to challenge ourselves, looking for new ways to use our style. We’ve made collaborations with Danish music artists Raske Penge, Linkoban and Lucy Love and we’ve photographed super, super secret buildings and constructions for the Danish Military Intelligence, all the while still exploring the city at night.

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cphcph-1-the-blue-planet-3XN-event-horizon.jpgThe Blue Planet by 3XN.

The Blue Planet by 3XN.

The Blue Planet by 3XN.

8 House by BIG.

Front Bridge, Copenhagen Harbour.

The Marble Church in Copenhagen.

cpcph-7-police-station.jpgThe Copenhagen Police Station.

DR Concert Hall by Atelier Jean Nouvel

DR Concert Hall by Atelier Jean Nouvel

Metro construction site at Kgs. Nytorv in Copenhagen.

cpcph-11-city-hall-square.jpgCopenhagen City Square.

cpcph-12-roskilde-festival-cphcph.jpgRoskilde Festival.

Roskilde Festival, Orange Stage.

Roskilde Festival.

cpcph-15-view-norrebro.jpgView of Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

cpcph-16-Bella-Sky-Hotel.jpgBella Sky Hotel, Copenhagen.

cpcph-17-s-train.jpgS train tracks.


Roskilde Festival.