Fernando Alda

by | 06. Nov 2012

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Fernando Alda
The poetry of the skeleton

The image is the best way of representing the invisible”. I´ve heard Luis González Palma saying these words once and I think that they perfectly adapts to my work in general, and in particular, to the one I present today. On daily basis my work as architecture photographer focuses on the most superficial side of buildings: their skin. The skin, either external or internal, but always this epidermis that covers the structure. Skin that conceals the past, present and future  secrets of a building, that will allow it for surviving in time the best way possible.
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In general we perceive the construction sites as dirty spaces with no interest whatsoever, at least from the point of view of the photography, and deprived of any poetry. In this work I wanted to offer an alternative, another look, by registering this transitory process that the construction means for the architecture. I wanted to show the skeleton that will never be seen again, that is destined to become a memory and will only survive in a form of some plans. A skeleton which, from my point of view, displays the very authentic and attractive side of the architecture.

Besides that literal meaning, “The poetry of the skeleton” is a metaphor of our every day lives, of this attitude of human beings that judge from the surface, too quickly, without bothering a second deeper look at the facts, the inside of things and persons. We evaluate the buildings by their appearance, and to some point this is logical. The skeleton, that carries all the efforts, dreams and wishes, stays hidden and we will never see it again.

/Fernando Alda

An exhibition of “The Poetry of a Skeleton” is on view at the El Fotomata Gallery in Sevilla, Spain through April 27, 2012. The exhibition is presented by Gabriel Campuzano.