Pygmalion Karatzas

by | 24. Jun 2013

The Camera

Fine art architectural photography
by Pygmalion Karatzas

Joseph Rosa, chief curator at the US National Building Museum, once stated that photography has become the lens through which we observe and analyze the evolution of architecture. The positive aspect of this reality is that architects and the public around the world can participate in this educational process, on the other hand, the negative aspect is the trap of images dominating over its core purpose: the actual experiencing of architecture.
My work (along with the recent wave of superb amateur photographers using a fine art approach) is trying to inspire and motivate people to not only view architecture as a two dimensional image representation but to motivate them to experience it comprehensively.
Long exposure photography and fine art post-processing makes people slow down, observe buildings closer, do research and field survey, revisit locations under different light and weather conditions, and enriches their understanding and awareness of the build environment.

MAXXI Museum, Rome Italy, by architect Zaha Hadid


Vitra Design Museum, Basel Germany, by architect Frank Gehry


Vitrahaus, Basel Germany, by architects Herzog & de Meuron


Actelion, Basel Switzerland, by architects Herzog & de Meuron


Auditorium parco della musica, Rome Italy, by architect Renzo Piano


Palazzo della Civilta, Rome Italy, architects Guerrini & La Padula


Ara Pacis Museum, Rome Italy, by architect Richard Meier

Pygmalion-Karatzas-7-Office building-EUR-district.jpg

Office Building, EUR district, Rome Italy


Vitra Design Museum, Basel Germany, by architect Frank Gehry


St Jakob Tower, Basel Switzerland, by architects Herzog & de Meuron


Santo Volto di Gesu, Rome Italy, by architects Sartogo & Grenon


KFW Westarkade, Frankfurt Germany, by architects Sauerbruch & Hutton


Commerzbank, Frankfurt Germany, by architect Norman Foster

Pygmalion-Karatzas-13-Jubilee church-Richard-Meier.jpg

Jubilee Church, Rome Italy, by architect Richard Meier


MAXXI Museum, Italy Rome, by architect Zaha Hadid

Pygmalion-Karatzas-15-Pontificial-Lateran-University Library-King-Roselli.jpg

Pontificial Lateran University Library, Rome Italy, by architects King Roselli


Signal Box, Basel Switzerland, by architects Herzog & de Meuron


Vitra Conference Pavilion, Basel Germany, by architect Tadao Ando


Beyeler Foundation Museum, Basel Switzerland, architect Renzo Piano


Foti-Vlahou Residence, Loggos Greece, by architects Karatzas & Pusterla


MAXXI Museum, Italy Rome, by architect Zaha Hadid


Santo Volto di Gesu, Rome Italy, by architects Sartogo & Grenon

Pygmalion-Karatzas-22-Myzeil-shopping-mall-Massimiliano- Doriana-Fuksas.jpg

Myzeil Shopping Mall, Frankfurt Germany, by architects Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas

About the photographer
Pygmalion Karatzas was born in Greece in 1973. He studied Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary (1991-94), Urban Design at Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh, Scotland (1995-97) and Ecovillage Design Education at Findhorn (2006).

Since 2006 he has been participating in photography groups, using various techniques such as long exposure, HDR, panoramic, fine art processing, alongside the conventional approach and written articles on artistic, social and philosophical subjects.