Aerospace Design: The Art Of Engineering

by | 24. Aug 2012

Exhibitions and Events

Photo courtesy of NASA Flight Research Helios

As an exploration of the connections between industrial design, architecture, engineering, and technology, this show emphasizes the significance of interdisciplinary thinking in creating innovative design solutions.
/Thomas F. Schutte, Pratt President

Photo courtesy of NASA Lockheed SR-71 in flight, 1995


Photo courtesy of NASA Future Flight Blended

The exhibition features objects from NASA’s collection, on view for the first time, and document progress made in aviation architecture and design during the last 100 years.


hoto courtesy of NASA Future Flight Mars

Nearly 100 wind-tunnel models and artefacts from the federal agency’s collection illustrates the importance of industrial designers as well as aeronautical specialists in creating the conceptual aircraft of the future.


Photo courtesy of NASA Rehabilitation of the Transonic Wind Tunnel, 1990 Langley Research Center


Photo courtesy of NASA Rehabilitation of the Transonic Wind Tunnel, 1990 Langley Research Center

Some of the objects in the exhibition, which include wind-tunnel models and flight-test artefacts, date back to NASA’s predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), founded in 1915.


Photo courtesy of NASA View of the Propeller Research Tunnel at the Langley Research Center, 1927 Designed by the Austin Company

The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate that aerospace design is more than a matter of nuts, bolts, and rivets. Visual artists have had as much to do with the development and overall image of aviation and space travel in the last century as have aerospace engineers. Objects made for aeronautical engineering purposes, such as wind-tunnel models, as well as the aircraft themselves, are strikingly aesthetic.
/John Zukowsky, Co-curator, “Aerospace Design” exhibition for the Art Institute of Chicago.

The exhibition is presented by Pratt Institute and the Aerospace Technology Enterprise of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Photo courtesy of NASA NASA Pilots


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