Norman Foster: The Architect’s Studio

by | 30. Aug 2012

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Norman Foster “The Architect Studio” is the third in a series of exhibitions at the Louisiana Museum that offers an insight into the architect’s work processes, methods, and sources of inspiration.

Foster & Partners, led by Lord Foster and four partners, is an International architecture and design practice with offices worldwide. The Main Design Studio, on the Thames riverside in London is open, as a work space, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Studio is huge with its own model workshop, graphics department and photography studio and more than 550 architects working on projects world wide. Most of the staff work at long desks in the main design studio with its tall panorama windows overlooking the Thames. No employee has a private office, including Lord Foster and his partners. The long tables dominating the work space are filled with computers, sketches, drawings, models and material samples. Consultations with clients are held in an area along the large panorama window in the midst of the ongoing experiments.


Photo courtesy Norman Foster & Partners

To illustrate as clearly as possible the wide range of Foster and Partners work, and the challenges it presents at all levels, the exhibition concentrates on two projects, each on a different scale. The two building projects are still under construction.

The new headquarters of Swiss Re; the world’s largest insurance company, in the heart of London.


Sketch courtesy Norman Foster & Partners


Photo: arcspaceThe Chesa Futura apartments in St. Moritz.


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Photo courtesy Norman Foster & Partners

The exhibition, designed by Lord Foster, shows the path from idea to realization, the dialogue between architects, engineers, model makers, computer operators and contractors. A major part in all recent projects is the coupling of technological and ecological concerns. To achieve its goals, the firm makes use of the very newest technologies.


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