166 Perry Street

by | 20. Jul 2012

Feature | Residential

166_perry_street_1.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

166 Perry Street is an eight-story condominium building between the historic blocks of Perry Street and Charles Lane in the heart of the West Village, steps from the Hudson River and its verdant waterside park.

The shape-shifting form is Asymptote Architecture’s direct but supple response to the site’s proximity to the Hudson River corridor, with its park and glistening water, as well as the busy thoroughfare of West Street and the now famous pair of high Modernist residential buildings next door,designed by Richard Meier.

166_perry_street_2.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

We wanted to design something that will reflect both the streets and the sky and become a flickering spectacle for those walking or driving nearby, especially along the West Side Highway… something playful that draws from and reflects the finer grain of the neighborhood, and provokes emotional and intellectual, as well as visual, responses.
/Hani Rashid

The angular geometry of the glass wall facade, described by Asymptote alternately as a “cascade,” “waterfall,” and “fractured crystal,” captures and reflects the surrounding atmosphere, resulting in an ever-changing perception of the building’s architecture in the context of the cobble stone streets and historic atmosphere of the West Village.

166_perry_street_3.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

The facade at street level is sheathed in a perforated white metal scrim with computer-generated, laser-cut circular openings. This scrim provides texture and interest to passers-by while insuring privacy for the lobby and the maisonettes housed on the ground floor.

At the entrance these panels give way to a recessed space outfitted with two mechanized single-pane blue glass doors leading onto a lobby.

166_perry_street_4.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

166_perry_street_5.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

166_perry_street_6.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

The lobby is a soft-edged, glowing capsule of space outfitted with artfully designed cove lighting and pale custom features and finishes: white lacquered walls with an integrated, built-in seating area upholstered in silver leather; a pale blue lacquered concierge desk; polished white concrete flooring with inset brushed aluminum panels, leading to the elevator bank; and a discreet area for mail and package storage.

166_perry_street_7.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

Every apartment will occupy its own luminous corner of the building and be housed behind a technologically advanced, discreetly shimmering, sculptural cascade of glass that appears to materialize or dematerialize with the changing light of day.

166_perry_street_8.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

166_perry_street_9.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

166_perry_street_10.jpgImage: © ArchPartners 2007

By strategically angling the facade’s glass panes and innovating with interior layers of a translucent honey-combed material on the east and west sides of the building, Asymptote has conceived a structure that alternately reveals and protects, offering inspiring views from inside while concealing private life to the outside world, simultaneously suggesting poetic new directions for private architecture in the public landscape.

The building will contain 24 residences, 22 lofts and two penthouses with private terraces and lap pools.


CITY New York, NY
ARCHITECT Asymptote Architecture