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by | 03. Aug 2012

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Photo © Christian Richters

The Art Pavilion is situated on a narrow peninsula, surrounded by green slopes, at the end of the seven kilometer Verbeelding artroute which runs through the centre of Zeewolde, the De Wetering landscape park, the woods and across the Randmeren dike.

Works of art by internationally known artists are situated along the route.
The Pavilion serves as a center for events, exhibitions and lectures.

The elongated shape was inspired by Richard Serra’s sculpture Sea Level , a long black concrete wall, one of the main scupltures in the park.

Photo © Harald Walker MediaSculp

The magnificent view across the pond, through the large glazed wall, and the reflections of the water on the ceiling, evokes a sense of floating.

The transparent plinth, a glass strip on the ground floor, lifts the building off the ground contributing to its airy character.

Photo © Christian Richters

Because of a limited budget the architects designed a three-hinged frame, often used in local barns, to construct the span.

All the trusses are identical, at a slightly different angle compared to the ground surface, resulting in an shifted roofscape that subsequently provides indirect daylight.

Photo © Christian Richters

Constructed of profiled steel sheets, the roof is cladded with corrugated aluminium on the exterior and partly covered with gypsum plasterboard on the interior; partially perforated for acoustics.

Photo © Christian Richters

Offices, a small library and other utilities are located in two autonomous wooden boxes slid into the volume.

Drawing courtesy René van Zuuk Architekten
Site Plan

Drawing courtesy René van Zuuk Architekten
Ground Floor Plan

Drawing courtesy René van Zuuk Architekten
Longitudinal Section


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