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by | 21. Aug 2012

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Photo: Jens Lindhe

Vilhelm Lauritzen A/S, architects has created an exciting environment for the Copenhagen Business School.

A “friendly” relationship to the surrounding, uninspiring housing blocks has been established by breaking the building containing the three “special” functions (library, canteen, and large auditorium) into three separate structures around a central glass covered foyer. The three “heavy” structures interact with the “light” circulation structure.

business_school_2.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

The 3 story foyer leads to the “Main Street” that, like an artery, runs through the entire school. The glass walls of Main Street to the south blur the transition between inside and outside. To the north, side “pockets” containing smaller meeting and resting areas are situated between numerous auditoriums.

Once again Vilhelm Lauritzen architects prove that a peaceful and glorious effect is reached through confidence and restraint in the selection of materials.
/Henrik Sten Møller


Drawing courtesy Vilhelm Lauritzen AS

A narrow ditch, or “river”, with running water in the center of Main Street adds movement as well as cool air to the area. The “river” is lined with polished Finnish granite with a jet burned Finnish granite border.

Three “cross points” housing stairs and elevators intercept the length of Main Street.

The vertical cross points connect to three buildings containing various school functions and administrative offices.

Balconies are everywhere on the three bottom public floors making circulation and functions visible. The cross points are semi private zones admitting only students and persons connected to the functions. “Private” quiet zones reserved for studying and research are entered from the cross points.

business_school_4.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

business_school_5.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

business_school_6.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

Most of the floors are linoleum, red towards the east and west, in the cross points and the more public areas, and petroleum blue/green in the more private zones. Floors around the foyer and stair treads on the steel staircase are Jatoba tree wood.

All ceilings are suspended perforated metal, except for the three auditoriums near the foyer. Stone floors, glass, and steel dominate the foyer and the busy Main Street leading to the many auditoriums, libraries, classrooms etc.

business_school_7.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

business_school_8.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

business_school_9.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

business_school_10.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

There are three building types; 3 story concrete, 5 story glass, and 6 story structures covered in a Danish blue natural tile. The sunscreens on the glass buildings are placed approximately 3 feet from the facades.

The new Copenhagen Business School is ready for the future with the latest in modern technology; individual seats in the 25 auditoriums are ‘wired’ and ready for long distance communication and teaching. The 34,000 square meter Business School opened in March 2000.

business_school_11.jpgDrawing courtesy Vilhelm Lauritzen AS
Site Plan


ARCHITECTHedvig Molner
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTStig L. Andersson Landscape Architect MAA