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by | 18. Jul 2012

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The Faculty of Information Studies building is integrated in the new university occupying a defined lot within the total Plan. The main body of the building is placed linearly in the direction east-west respecting the alignment to the south with the Department of Philology.

The 127 meter long and 17.5 meter wide building consists of three floors; ground floor and two levels in the western half, basement, ground floor and one level in the remaining length. The change in roof level is due to the need to adapt to the topography and the conditions of the program.

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

Like the city of Santiago, built almost entirely of a golden granite, the patios, staircases and ramps of Alicante marble, which interweave the university building, make it practically impossible to discern where one area ends and another begins. A double height Atrium defines the main entrance portico and provides access to the centrally placed Library.

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

In the higher section of the building, accessible by ramp, lift and stairs, are nine classrooms, an amphitheater and offices for the docents. Studios for radio and visual arts and laboratories for audiovisuals are located in the lower part of the building. All areas are accessed from a Gallery that runs along the north side of the building. The Gallery also provides access to three area that are placed perpendicular to the main building.

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

The ceiling heights in the areas placed perpendicularly, between 7 and 10 feet, define the open patios towards the north.

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Light pours into the library from a series of ingenious circular and rectangular skylights that follow the sun’s journey throughout the day.

Sketch courtesy Álvaro Siza

Drawing courtesy Álvaro Siza

Drawing courtesy Álvaro Siza


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