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Image courtesy of Lighthouse 3XN and UNStudio

The winning proposal Lighthouse by 3XN and UNStudio offers an entirely new harbour promenade with evening sun and public access to the unique view of the bay from the top floor of the high-rise.

The residential facilities of the district will vary with cafe environments, restaurants and open squares which enable common free-time activities. The plan for the future is that the area will be free of cars and offer perfect conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. All cars will be parked in an underground parking facility.

Light house. Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio
A very special characteristic of the area will be the mix of owner-occupied and rental houses. The requirement of a mix of owner-occupied and rental houses is well-known from the Netherlands. The rental and owner-occupied houses will have the same architectural expression.

The Lighthouse project signals how today’s individualization in society can be enriched by new forms of collectivity. From design of the district as a whole to fitting up of the individual house, the project is about bringing people together – those who live there as well as those who like to go there. Like in a traditional city centre, but here with an extra multi-storey block dimension.
/Ben van Berkel, UNStudio

Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio

The construction appears homogenous as well as individual. As a resident, you will always know your own house from a distance with individual details such as balconies. The characteristic patterns of the facades reflect the reflections of light in water.
/Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN

Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio
The first stage of the development comprises a harbour promenade, café environments, and a large square for common activities and interaction between private, semi-public and public areas.

Public access to the view from the 130 meter tall Lighthouse, with a 12 meter tall Skybar at the top, are among the attractions of this district.

Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio
Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio
Light*house will be constructed according to the latest construction standards and will be one of the first larger constructions to be constructed according to the new rules on energy-saving measures.

The latest methods in sustainable construction will be applied in the design and construction phases.

Image courtesy 3XN and UNStudio


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