Metapolis II

by | 10. Aug 2012

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Photo courtesy Lincoln Center

As a part of Lincoln Center Festival Zaha Hadid has collaborated with Frédéric Flamand, director of the Ballet National de Marseille, on the creation of the piece “Metapolis II.” The third of a series of reflections on the contemporary city.

Set on a futuristic landscape drenched in shifting hues of radiant blue and green light, the high-energy work elegantly synthesizes video with the dancers’ moving bodies and Hadid’s interconnected silver sculptures.

Photo courtesy Lincoln Center
The interlocking set of three segmented arches and bridges made of a silvery mesh material serve as the star of the show. The three arches are constantly moved into new configurations to evoke varied experiences of urban life.

Photo courtesy Lincoln Center
At the back of the stage an enormous screen shows projections both of the dancers and of computer-generated architectural drawings and lines.

Photo courtesy Lincoln Center


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