Municipal Offices And Station

by | 30. Jul 2012

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Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten

The starting point for Mecanoo’s design is an interweaving of the city’s history with the future. Travellers arriving at the station will experience Delft as a city not only with a rich history but also as one of technological ingenuity.

The Delft Blue vaulted Station Foyer ceiling continues into the City Hall which is separated from the station foyer by a glass wall and a nucleus from which the stairs and elevators lead to the municipal offices above.

Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten

The transparent City Hall facade reflects the Dutch skies of Vermeer. Incisions in the glass volume form a pattern of alleyways inspired by the intricate configuration of streets in Old Delft.

Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten

The building volumes are lowered on each corner to carefully transition into its surroundings.

The horizontal division of the building – with a plinth of clear glass and raised landscape of the municipal offices – illustrates a clear distinction between public and private.

Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten

On the facade, a digital news ticker marks the flowing lines of the building interior and illuminates the plinth at night. The news ticker displays actual information about public transportation, activities and news about the city of Delft.

Photo courtesy Mecanoo architecten

Designed for maximum energy efficiency, the building consumes 35% less energy than government standards stipulate.

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten

Drawing courtesy Mecanoo architecten


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