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by | 20. Aug 2012

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1_tafjord.jpgImage courtesy Snøhetta

A museum dedicated to represent this interesting region… fusing nature, art and technology.

The small community of Tafjord on the western coast of Norway lies in a very deep fjord at the confluence of a deep freshwater lake and the sea. Because of the steep character of the valley, the area often experiences avalanches of both rock and snow.

In recent times the town has shifted location and a large dam was constructed to help allay damage from the tsunamis as well as help to provide hydroelectric power for the region. This dam is the second highest in Europe, standing over 93 meters tall.
Image courtesy Snøhetta

The Tafjord Gallery is built as a a square glass beam spanning the deep fjord.  The 8,2 x 8,2 transparent structure contains a 350 square meter gallery and a 95 square meter auditorium.

Entrance to the museum is made by burrowing down into the rock where access is gained to the descriptive portions of the museum placed along the bridge. This leads further into the rock on the other side of the fjord where a darkened cave like room can be used to show video presentations during the day. At night it is possible to project from the bridge onto the curving dam wall that acts as a 93-meter high by 50-meter wide panoramic screen.

Image courtesy Snøhetta

The 40 room Tafjord Hotel is placed in a circular form on top of the almost 100 meter tall embankment, mimicking the curving form of the dam itself. The hotel will look back toward the museum bridge in one direction and toward the dramatic, often mirror like lake, in the other direction.

Image courtesy Snøhetta

Image courtesy Snøhetta

Exhibitions will focus on the relationship between nature and the work of humans. A video artist from the area, Marianne Heske, will contribute some of her works and will have an important influence on the museum.

About Tafjord
Tafjord is the home of Tafjord Power Company. Tafjord 1, the first power station, was completed in 1923.  The station, that  supplied population and industry with electrical power for over 60 years, was stopped for good in 1989 and renovated into a power station museum.


CITYTafjord, Sunnmøre