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by | 15. Aug 2012

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Photo: Jens Lindhe

The General Site Plan for the development of the former B&W Shipyard in the historical Christiansbro area of Copenhagen includes 40% Housing and 60% rental Commercial space.

Henning Larsen’s project consists of the six wings perpendicular to the Harbor Front and a U-shaped building towards the street (Strandgade) that runs parallel to the Harbor. The placement of the wings refer to the placements of the former B&W shipyard industrial building.

The Nordea Headquarters occupy two thirds of the space which includes the four wings towards the north and the U-shaped building. The remainder is rented Commercial space and Condominiums.

The concrete facades towards the City (Strandgade) and the Church Square are clad in a polished sandstone to appear solid and well planted in the area. The uniform height in the new development is established by the cornice of the Christians Church (1755-1759), keeping the Church Square as the focal point of the new area.

Photo: Jens Lindhe

You enter the Main Lobby from the Strandgade side, through a courtyard formed by the U-shaped building. From the arrival court there is a view of the Harbor through the 5-storey glass enclosed Reception Area. The outside paving is granite.

Photo: Jens Lindhe

In contrast; the buildings towards the Harbor are designed as light and airy glass wings with copper as the dominant material. The end walls, facing the harbor, consists of two layers; the actual part copper wall and a 6-storey copper screen placed several feet from the wall. With time the copper will develop a pale green patina. The main structure is steel with concrete decks the exterior paving granite.

Photo: Jens Lindhe

Photo: Jens Lindhe

The center part of the facades, on the south sides are operable glass louvers that serve as solar screening. On the northeast facades the same area has horizontal glass panels at the separation between the floors.

The walls in the 5-storey glass enclosed Lobby are clad in the same sandstone as the street facades, the floor is a natural stone. The Reception desk is recessed in the Lobby wall. A Conference Room is placed in a hanging “box”, sided with wood, above the main entrance. Elevators, sided with opaque glass, and stairways lead the 2nd and third floor and the horizontal walkways between the buildings.

Photo: Jens Lindhe

unibank_headquarters_7.jpgPhoto: Jens Lindhe

Photo: Jens Lindhe

All Office areas are flexible “landscapes” that can be divided into separate offices or remain open office “landscapes”. The office landscapes are oriented towards the north west to provide maximum daylighting without the need for solar screening.

The floor area in the Cantines, located on three floors, is cut back on 2 floors to create a dramatic 3-storey open Cantine.

Photo: Jens Lindhe

The circulation between the wings alternate between Courtyards and City Promenades. Two courtyards are landscaped with willow trees that will grow to a height of 20 meters. Water is pumped from the Harbor to the eastern end of the Courtyard from where it flows down the low steps and back into the Harbor. A wooden bridge crosses the “water staircase” on the promenade. A platform for boats to pick up passengers is planned along the waterfront.


LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTSven-Ingvar Andersson: Landskabsarkitekt ApS