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by | 24. Oct 2012

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Photo courtesy Hotel Omm

The Hotel Omm is an example of all the characteristics that have made Barcelona a city renowned worldwide for its style, and as a center for architecture and design, open to innovation while respecting tradition.

The facade inclines towards the natural axis of activity – Passeig de Gràcia – down which the traffic moves into the heart of the old city. Constructed of a sheet of Cabra marble, a high quality limestone, it is presented as a work of art.

Photo: arcspace

A series of arbitrarily placed waves and openings have been worked into this sheet, giving an impression of dynamic movement and variety. The blocks of stone stand out from the wall in relief, like waves, petals or curtains, forming angled balconies that lets the midday sunlight enter the bedrooms. The stone curtain also affords privacy and cuts down traffic noise in the rooms.

Brian Parker on the balcony. Photo: Jeff Gaiford

The facade rests on a black base with huge windows that lets natural light into the ground floor. Inside the reception area is painted bright red.

Photo: arcspace
5omm.jpgPhoto: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

There are no columns inside the large brightly-lit main space that is separated into different areas by perpendicular partitions.

The two bars, constructed of black leather and iro metal, a light and self-welding material, fit together to form a rectangle.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

Between the bar and the Moo restaurant is a large iron table, modelled on the old Mordisco table, where you can enjoy the Moo Vida menu.

Nine pyramid shaped skylights lets daylight into the restaurant. As the sun gets lower an electronic system makes up for the loss of natural light.
The Moo Restaurant has won several awards for both food and wine and received a star in the 2006 Michelin Guide.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel
Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

The restaurant is separated from the bar by a staircase leading down to the basement and the nightclub Ommsession.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

The Spaciomm (Spa) has an oriental atmosphere with natural materials such as wood, stone, iron, coconut matting, linen and silk.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

The garden is decorated with masts hung with prayer wheels similar to those found at the entrance to Buddhist monasteries, and a large painting by artist Carla Tarruella.

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The hotel recently completed its second extension adding 32 new suites to the original 59 rooms distributed on 6 floors. The conversion of the private homes meant that each of the new suites is a different space. The size/space relationship between bedroom and bathroom is different but never cut off from the rest of the suite. The furniture also varies from room to room.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

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In the 59 original rooms you go straight through the door into a wide open naturally lit space. The bedroom and bathroom are separated by a wardrobe which doesn’t quite reach the ceiling, thus creating continuity between the two areas.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

On the roof is a terrace with a bar and pool overlooking the city. From the terrace there is a view of Antoni Gaudi’s La Pedrera ( Casa Milà) with its chimneys and skylights.

Photo courtesy the Omm Hotel

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace

Photo: arcspace