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by | 24. Jul 2012

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opus_hong_kong_1.jpgPhoto: Thomas Mayer

Located at 53 Stubbs Road on The Peak, a spectacular site that has been in the Swire Group for more than 60 years, Opus Hong Kong is a sculptural 12-story building comprised of two double-level garden apartments and 10 apartments, each unique in design and occupying an entire floor of the building.

Quarry blocks retain the slope behind the tower acting as planters for lush landscape that blends seamlessly into the natural vegetation of the hillside.

The massing of the tower spirals gently upward, anchored against the steep slope of the Peak by a stack of stone clad blocks, that are reminiscent of rough cut blocks in a stone quarry. These blocks are punctuated by boat deck balconies that project from the facade.

Photo courtesy Swire Properties

The building has been designed to enhance and reflect Hong Kong’s distinctive landscape, and is custom-made for the city it overlooks.

/Frank Gehry

Photo: Thomas Mayer

Photo: Thomas Mayer
Photo: Thomas Mayer
Photo: Thomas Mayer
The design takes advantage of the panoramic views by providing a continuous floor-to-ceiling curved glass facade enclosing the main living spaces.

Photo: Thomas Mayer
Photo: Thomas Mayer
Photo: Thomas Mayer
Each floor of the tower is dedicated to a single apartment with a terrace and private elevator lobby as foyer. The roof of the tower offers two communal pools and one private pool for the penthouse. Other amenities include a gym, ground level gardens and a full level of underground parking.

This site has a special place in Swire Group’s history, and we knew that Frank Gehry, with his unorthodox and inventive design concepts, could help us create an outstanding new landmark for the city. Opus Hong Kong is truly an exceptional architectural achievement, and we feel privileged to have been a part of the process.

/Martin Cubbon
Chief Executive of Swire Properties

Drawing courtesy Swire Properties
Typical Floor Plan

Sketch courtesy Swire Properties

Model photo courtesy Swire Properties


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