Royal Danish Embassy

by | 13. Aug 2012

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Photo: Finn Christoffersen

With the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin, 3XN has created a building capable of exuding embassadorial dignity, and at the same time a place filled with light and life, reflecting the Danish spirit.

The Royal Danish Embassy consists of two volumes, one undulated and “soft,” covered in copper plates outside and ashwood inside, the other “sharp,” clad in steel. These two volumes are separated by a large panopticon space running through the height of the building.


Photo: Finn Christoffersen

Photo: Finn Christoffersen

The building is one of contrasts. The mixture of organic shapes and shapes that are sharp; of soft and hard materials, and of hot and cold surfaces accentuates the architectural idea.
/Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN

The “soft” volume follows and repeats the louvered organic form characteristic of the entire Nordic Embassy Complex. The curved wooden louvered wall facing the Assembly Hall is tapered inwards towards the top, thus creating a sharper tension between the two volumes. The “sharp” volume stands, in contrast to the “soft” volume, as a prismatic sharp object.

Photo: Finn Christoffersen

The broad opening, topped by a balcony bearing the Danish coat of arms, is an inviting entrance to the front hall and reception area from the Embassy Complex┬╣s inner plaza. The facade is covered in perforated stainless steel panels which gives the building a transparent look.

Like the other Nordic buildings in the complex the copper bands form one of the facades, although a glass facade faces the public area at the end of the panopticon space.

Photo: Finn Christoffersen


Lars Frank Nielsen
Kim Herforth Nielsen