Seguin Island

by | 25. Jul 2012

Commercial | Cultural | Feature | Landscape/ urban area

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

Seguin Island of Seguin, abandoned by the Renault car factory almost 20 years ago, will be transformed into a new center for contemporary culture.

With its mix of programs, cultural, commerce, social meeting places, urban parks, gardens and terraces, it will be a lively place both day and night. The green spaces, covering an area of 7 hectares, will set the stage for an eco friendly neighborhood that aims to foreshadow the lifestyle of the next decades.

Photo © Gaston Bergeret

As coordinator of the project, overseeing other architects’ designs, Nouvel has the chance to make up for what was lost during the years of desolation.

The island will not be subdivided into lots where each developer and his architect propose an independent project. If we do not define the urban agenda at this stage we will have a place without soul or roots, without synergy or complexity….a place without mystery. The depth of the project is a dimension that can be premeditated. My role here is to create a harmony, an urban continuity like that which existed before with the industrial space.
/Jean Nouvel

The banks of the Seine around Seguin Island will be a public waterfront promenade. Existing trees will be preserved and new plantings added.

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

With fashion boutiques, art galleries, bars and restaurants, the commercial street will be a lively destination, culturally as well as commercially. 

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

A 450 meter long glass covered garden in the center will feature plants unknown to the Parisian region. When the weather permits the roof will open. Nouvel will work with landscape architect Michel Desvigne on the garden.

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

High planted terraces will provide new vistas towards the city, the Bois de Boulogne, and the surroundings. These new landscapes complement the silhouette of the island and offer an exceptional framework for future buildings.

Image courtesy Atelier Jean Nouvel

The cast is larger than a Hollywood blockbuster where effects only lasts a little over two hours. We will work on scenarios with urban strategy manager, elected officials, architects and consultants depending on the assumptions and risks. It is the relevance of the strategy that will create value and attractiveness.
/Jean Nouvel