Silo Norte Shopping

by | 08. Aug 2012

Cultural | Extention/ redesign | Feature

silo_norte_shopping_1Photo: arcspace

The program for the Silo Norte Shopping, located in the industrial Porto suburb of Matosinhos, called for an exhibition gallery and an auditorium inside an external concrete spiral ramp that gives access to terrace-level parking.

The architect lined the space, a 22 meter high and 12 meter in diameter cylinder, with open joint adobe brick to reduce reverberations, and placed the gallery space above the auditorium to obtain some natural light.

Photo: arcspace

Photo: Luís Ferreira Alves

The formal language and the materials that Souto de Moura avails himself of lend his buildings a material and sensual permanence, in which everyday life with its variety and transience can ensconce itself at will.
/ Hans Van Dijk

silo_norte_shopping_4.jpgPhoto: Luís Ferreira Alves

silo_norte_shopping_5.jpgPhoto: Luís Ferreira Alves

Inside the cylinder a Wall of concrete and chiselled granite, suspended on a sliced I-beam, breaks up the space and support the staircase. The wall furthermore helps to improve the acoustics in the auditorium.

Photo: Luís Ferreira Alves

Photo: arcspace

Natural light reflects off the white ceiling and provides brightness during the day. At other times it enters and draws half-circles on the curved walls.

silo_norte_shopping_8.jpgPhoto: Luís Ferreira Alves

silo_norte_shopping_9.jpgPhoto: arcspace

silo_norte_shopping_10.jpgPhoto: arcspace

With its wooden floors and street lamps used for internal night lighting, the space reflects the sober, powerful style of Souto de Moura. In the superb detailing you detect the Miesian influence in de Moura’s architecture.