Stade Bordeaux Atlantique

by | 26. Jul 2012

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Image © Herzog & de Meron


The new stadium, with more than 43,000 seats, will offer quality and flexibility to organize major events that will contribute to the cultural influence of Bordeaux, the city and the region. The dimensions of the field will also allow the organization of national and international rugby matches.


Image © Herzog & de Meron

The structure is supported by a forest of slender columns surrounding its periphery. At once dense and light, this structure is completed by the clarity of an intermediate space, the concourse, where stalls and restrooms form an undulating curve.

Our project for the new Bordeaux stadium is an expression of fundamentally new architecture. The pure shape of the volume, by contrast to its light and open structure, creates an at once monumental and graceful architectural piece elegantly suited to the grand landscape of Bordeaux.
/Herzog & de Meron

Image © Herzog & de Meron



Image © Herzog & de Meron


Surrounded by a large square, the new stadium will be a meeting place. Seminars and conferences will be organized in its spaces outside of game days, thus giving Bordeaux a new and emblematic reception space. The landscape designed by Michel Desvigne adds to the interest of the ensemble.

Stadium architecture combines three constitutive elements: the bowl containing the game and its spectators, the concourse as the transitional element between the playing field and the outside surroundings and, finally, the overall appearance.

Our approach is to reinterpret these three elements in light of the site-specific characteristics: the resulting architecture is thus one-of-a-kind, reflecting the intrinsic features of the site.

/Herzog & de Meron

Finally, the new stadium will be communicative benefitting from the most advanced technologies to facilitate the reception of spectators and to fit into the larger project of the City of Bordeaux in the field of digital technologies.

The new stadium will host some of the matches of the Euro 2016 Football Competition.


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