The Arch

by | 18. Oct 2012

Cultural | Feature | Landscape/ urban area

Photo: Adam Mørk

The Cultural Center, “The Arch”, located in the Southern Norwegian village of Mandal, is shaped like a green blanket that elevates and integrates the building in the surrounding landscape.

The green and subtle expression is a natural extension of the idyllic landscape consisting of the river, forests and little islands, surrounding Mandal.

the_arch_2.jpgPhoto: Adam Mørk

The Arch is adjusted in color, scale and proportion to the characteristic and picturesque Norwegian wooden houses by the river’s edge. By making the culture house an integrated element in the landscape it makes the previously anonymous industrial area an attractive new part of the town.

The glass facade opens up and exposes the lobby to the river bank allowing plenty of daylight into the building.

Photo: Adam Mørk

the_arch_4.jpgPhoto: Adam Mørk

The Arch contains a theater- and concert hall, a library and a gallery. The layout ensures a high degree of visual contact between the different functions giving the house a dynamic feeling of life and activities at all times.

Photo: Adam Mørk

Photo: Adam Mørk

The Master Plan, also conceived by 3XN, focuses on making the new town area reflect the rest of Mandal on the other side of the river. Also, ensuring that all the houses, including the cultural centre, will have maximal profit from the short distance to the river.

The plan also comprises a pedestrian bridge, which will further connect the cultural centre with the local community. The bridge is under construction.

the_arch_7.jpgDrawing courtesy 3XN

the_arch_8.jpgDrawing courtesy 3X
Site plan
Drawing courtesy 3XNFirst Floor Planthe_arch_10.jpgDrawing courtesy 3XNSecond Floor Planthe_arch_11.jpgDrawing courtesy 3XNSection