Founded in 1999, is an architecture webzine that features today’s most creative projects, as well as the most influential of the past.

We work closely with major architects around the world and keep our readers informed with weekly updates.’s main focus is the section Features where we cover today’s most creative architectural projects by the world’s leading architects. We review influential books in our Bookcase and visit the most interesting Exhibitions.

As a new initiative focus on Travel providing architecture guides to the most interesting architectural cities in the world, travel blogs, interviews and more. The travel section is under development and will become substantial in the years to come. furthermore provides a glimpse behind the scene in the section The Architect’s Studio showcasing sketches by architects. In Image Library you find a selection of images of architectural projects that you are free to use as you see fit. We also offer a section called The Camera where you find some nice selections of the work of prominent architecture photographers.

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About The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
The DAC is a national architecture centre with a pronounced international profile. Working in a project oriented manner with the development and dissemination of knowledge about of Danish and international architecture, building and urban development, the DAC collaborates to a substantial degree with international partners.

The DAC’s goal is to create a broad interest in architecture, to clear the way for new ideas traversing traditional boundaries and to show how architecture creates cultural and economic assets for people, the industry and society. The DAC is a non-profit organization and the core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government. The government is represented by: the Danish Ministry for Business and Growth, the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Danish Ministry of Transport and Building.

arcspace history is run and operated by the Danish Architecture Centre. was founded in 1999 by architect and independent curator Kirsten Kiser. After being at the helm for more than 13 years Kirsten handed over to DAC in 2012.