7 Abandoned Places

by | 14. Jul 2016


Photo: Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff

In Northern Europe, you can discover an abandoned pool in Denmark, a culture house in Norway or a power plant in England. If you are visiting Berlin, then the famous Spreepark is a good distraction from the typical tourist attractions. In south Europe, you can visit Craco, an abandoned town in Italy or the Olympic Hotel in Bosnia. And lastly, the chilling hospital in the US will probably keep you awake for some time. For obvious reasons we cannot give you the exact locations but we encourage you to explore on your own on Instagram with #urbanexploration #abandoned.


Pool, Denmark. Photo by Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff. 


Hospital, USA. Photo by Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff. 


Olympic Hotel, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo by Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff. 


Power Plant, England. Photo by Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff. 


Culture house, Norway. Photo by Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff. 


Craco, Italy. Photo: unknown origin. 


Spreepark, Germany. Photo: unknown origin. 

If you find this interesting and in Copenhagen, you can visit the Danish Architecture Centre for the newly opened exhibition “Abandoned” until the 11th of September.

>>  Read about the exhibition

Participate in the Danish Architecture Centre´s photo competition on Instagram

Participate by sharing your own pictures of abandoned places on Instagram. You can win Jan Elhøj and Morten Kirckhoff’s books “Abandoned” Volume 2 and 3.


You enter the photo competition by hashtagging your photos with #abandoneddac and following the @danisharchitecturecentre on Instagram. Remember to keep the location secret in pure urban explorer style. The winner will receive a direct message on Instagram on the 24th of August.

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