7 Architecture Books To Fill Up Your Suitcase

by | 16. Jun 2014



No matter what kind of holiday you’ve got planned, you will need quality books. Quality architecture books. Whether you’re killing time while stuck in transit or inside your hotel room on a rainy day, it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the architectural reading, you normally have no time or patience for.

Picking the right books to bring can be tricky though. Should you go for the entertaining or the enlightening? We’ve helped you out with a few suggestions, anging from Vitruvius to Zumthor to Koolhaas. So, there will likely be something for everyone.

For the active holiday

Bike Town Tokyo

By Yoshiharu Tsukamoto & René Kural

For the exploratory holiday

The Images of Architects

By Valerio Olgiati


For the contemplative holiday


By Peter Zumthor 

For the intellectual holiday

A Topology of Everyday Constellations

By Georges Teyssot  

Vitruvius: Writing the Body of Architecture By Indra Kagis McEwen

For the classical holiday

Vitruvius: Writing the Body of Architecture

By Indra Kagis McEwen

Content By Rem Koolhaas

For the reckless holiday


By OMA / Rem Koolhaas


For the environmentally concious holiday

Behind the Green Door

By Rotor

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