7 Extraordinary Truss-based Designs

by | 27. Aug 2015


Image courtesy of Asia Modern Museum of Art

This week we indulge in different types of buildings with one thing in common – their extraordinary truss-based design.

If you find yourself in Hungary then go visit the Pancho Arena where you can enjoy a game of soccer and the beautiful arching stadium design, with its extraordinary tree trusses.

Another amazing truss-based design is the Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building (UCSF) in California. The building is supported by steel space trusses springing from concrete piers that are designed to absorb earthquakes.

Finally, if you want to have an architectural experience while browsing through Asian modern art, then the Asia Museum of Modern Art in Taiwan is the place for you. The museum is an astonishing V-shaped structured building with only diagonal columns and is truly a masterpiece.

Below, we have collected a handful of the most remarkable truss-based buildings.

Factory - 1 - SANAA.jpg

Parrish Art Museum, USA – Herzog & de Meuron

Rose Center for Earth and Space, USA – Ennead Architects

Factory - 2 - Stutchbury.jpg

Asia Museum of Modern Art, Taiwan – Tadao Ando

Metropol Parasol, Spain – J. Mayer H. architects

Yountville Town Center & Library, USA – Siegel & Strain Architects

Pancho Arena, Hungary – Tamás Dobrosi + Doparum Architects

Factory - 7 - Rogers.jpg

Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building (UCSF), USA – Rafael Viñoly