AAFx Architecture As Character Interviews

by | 07. May 2017

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As part of the annual Aarhus Architecture Festival, arcspace attended a two day conference revolving around the different characters of architecture that shape our culture, identity and awareness. In the wake of the conference, arcspace spoke with strategic director, Mads Farsø, architect and senior curator at MAXXI, Pippo Ciorra, and Holly Lewis, architect and partner at the London based practice, We Made That.

Some of the themes from the conference, as for instance, Architecture As Sensation, examined how architecture served as a tool to create a narrative in films, artworks, and more. Another interesting aspect dealt with the theme of Architecture As Aspiration, where different representatives from the pan-European platform, Future Architecture Platform (FAP), gave an insight into their approach to the future of cities and architecture. The conference gathered several leading personalities from the creative industry in order to broaden our understanding of architecture as a whole. 

Find out more about how the conference has reflected on the different characters of architecture below. 

Interview with Pippo Ciorra (MAAXI). 


Interview with Holly Lewis (We Made That). 


Mads Farsø (AAFx) reflects on the highlights of the conference. 


This spring, Scandinavia’s largest festival on architecture took place in the cities of Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark. During the 10 days of the festival, more than 100 events, talks, screenings, debates provided different perspectives and an unique insight into architecture.