Anders Lendager Interview

by | 30. Mar 2017

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Wasteland Exhibition.jpg

Floors made of car tyres, ceilings made of plastic bottles, and walls made of scrap wood – these are some installations that you’ll find in the current exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre, Wasteland.

Every year in Denmark alone, 11.7 million tons of waste is produced which is contributing to a global epidemic of resource depletion, climate change, and excess pollution. In Wasteland, the architectural practice, Lendager Group, take a closer look at how waste can be thought of as a new resource that can produce a new architecture. They stress that although the world knows the importance of recycling, there is a huge potential benefit when we shift to upcycling.

arcspace recently spoke with the exhibition curator and Lendager Group CEO, Anders Lendager, about Wasteland. Find out what insights he gave us in the video below.


Wasteland runs at the Danish Architecture Centre from the 26th January – 17th April 2017. If you want you read more about the exhibition, you can do so here.