The International Photography Awards

by | 15. Oct 2014


The International Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today. Here are the winners.

There are 11 categories: advertising, architecture, book (self-published), deeper perspective, editorial, event, fine art, moving images, nature, people, special. In the category of architecture, there are 7 subcategories: bridges, buildings, cityscapes, historic, industrial, interior, other.

Annually, the IPA invites creatives and photograph experts to view and select the most innovative photographs in the prestigious competition. The list of gallerists, photo editors and directors, art collectors, and other photography luminaries that comprise the jury panel can be viewed here.

We present the winners of the 7 architecture subcategories in the pro and non-pro groups.



IPA-pro-01 peter steinhauer.jpg

Finalist: Peter Steinhauer, ‘Cocoons’



IPA-pro-02 joel tjintjelaar.jpg

1st place: Joel Tjintjelaar, ‘Visual Acoustics’

IPA-pro-03 mabry campbell.jpg

2nd place: Mabry Campbell, ‘Iron Connection’

IPA-pro-04 erberto zani.jpg

3rd place: Erberto Zani, ‘Bridges’



IPA-pro-05 gabriele croppi.jpg

1st place: Gabriele Croppi, ‘Italy, metaphysics of the urban landscape’

IPA-pro-06 baber afzal.jpg

2nd place: Baber Afzal & Michal Klimczak, ‘Forgiveness I’

IPA-pro-07 peter steinhauer.jpg

3rd place: Peter Steinhauer, ‘Cocoons’



IPA-pro-08 peter steinhauer.jpg

1st place: Peter Steinhauer, ‘Cocoons’

IPA-pro-09 cameron r neilson.jpg

2nd place: Cameron R Neilson, ‘Straight Up’

IPA-pro-10 michael hitoshi.jpg

3rd place: Michael Hitoshi, ‘Terminal’



IPA-pro-11 aurelien villette.jpg

1st place: Aurelien Villette, ‘Dogma’

IPA-pro-12 barbara zanon.jpg

2nd place: Barbara Zanon, ‘Matera’

IPA-pro-13 ronald tilleman.jpg

3rd place: Ronald Tilleman, ‘Mauritshuis’



IPA-pro-14 rojo sache.jpg

1st place: Rojo Sache, ‘Power Plant’

IPA-pro-15 beno saradzic.jpg

2nd place: Beno Saradzic, ‘Alien Presence’

IPA-pro-16 bernhard lang.jpg

3rd place: Bernhard Lang, ‘Harbour Aerial Views’



IPA-pro-17 madiha abdo.jpg

1st place: Madiha Abdo, ‘Dark Composition’

IPA-pro-18 shin mimura.jpg

2nd place: Shin Mimura, ‘Eyes of an Architect’

IPA-pro-19 simon butterworth.jpg

3rd place: Simon Butterworth, ‘A Quiet Passing’



IPA-pro-20 sahie zang.jpg

1st place: Sahie Zang, ’36 : 9′

IPA-pro-21 katharina fitz.jpg

2nd place: Katharina Fitz, ‘Urban Gardening Patchwork’

IPA-pro-22 giovanni marco mondelli.jpg

3rd place: Giovanni Marco Mondelli, ‘White wall’



IPA-non pro-01 maroh kim.jpg

Finalist: Maroh Kim, ‘The Wind Blows’



IPA-non pro-02 tristan o' tierney.jpg

1st place: Tristan O’Tierney, ‘Starry Light’

IPA-non pro-03 rafailidis vlasis.jpg

2nd place: Rafailidis Vlasis, ‘Bowbridge’

IPA-non pro-04 daniele corsini.jpg

3rd place: Daniele Corsini, ‘Brooklyn Bridge’



IPA-non pro-05 charalampos sergios.jpg

1st place: Charalampos Sergios, ‘Synthesis’

IPA-non pro-06 dave macvicar.jpg

2nd place: Dave Macvicar, ‘Street View’

IPA-non pro-07 pygmalion karatzas.jpg

3rd place: Pygmalion Karatzas, ‘Doha Icons’



IPA-non pro-08 maroh kim2.jpg

1st place: Maroh Kim, ‘The Wind Blows’

IPA-non pro-09 roger branson.jpg

2nd place: Roger Branson, ‘Venice the City from Guidecca’

IPA-non pro-10 alan chimacoff.jpg

3rd place: Alan Chimacoff, ‘The City’



IPA-non pro-11 venanzi giulia.jpg

1st place: Venanzi Giulia, ‘That’s a Fake’

IPA-non pro-12 larry nienkark.jpg

2nd place: Larry Nienkark, ‘Solo’

IPA-non pro-13 bapi chakraborty.jpg

3rd place: Bapi Chakraborty, ‘Rome Chiaroscuro’



IPA-non pro-14 robin riddle.jpg

1st place: Robin Riddle, ‘Useless Loop’

IPA-non pro-15 john eaton.jpg

2nd place: John Eaton, ‘Silo City’

IPA-non pro-16 phyllicia wang.jpg

3rd place: Phyllicia Wang, ‘Fuse’



IPA-non pro-17 john kosmopoulos.jpg

1st place: John Kosmopoulos, ‘Future History’

IPA-non pro-18 stefan baurle.jpg

2nd place: Stefan Baurle, ‘Inner Studies’

IPA-non pro-19 katherine peeke.jpg

3rd place: Katherine Peeke, ‘Spaces’



IPA-non pro-20 marco virgone.jpg

1st place: Marco Virgone, ‘Between Gothic Capitals’

IPA-non pro-21 jamal alias.jpg

2nd place: Jamal Alias, ‘Outlier’

IPA-non pro-22 minjae cho.jpg

1st place: Minjae Cho, ‘Memories of Philadelphia’

Competitions like the IPA with their focus on themes around the built environment provide the platform for a vocabulary of art and through that explore a variety of personal and transpersonal relationships between humans and the material.

Learn more about the International Photography Awards here.