Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 11

by | 13. Mar 2014


By Christopher William Reeves

Hello one and all. Welcome to Touring the World of Architecture, arcspace’s weekly round up of all things interesting! This time we comment on Koolhaas’s vision for the 2014 Venice Biennial, Sou Fujimoto’s provocative French pineapple design and MVRDV’s mirrored bowl. Be sure to check out the natural architecture on show in our Friday fun video. Have a great weekend from the arcspace team

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Top Story

week 11 rem-koolhaas.jpg

Venice Biennale Set for Refreshing ‘Fundamentals’ Theme

This week Rem Koolhas, star architect and director of the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale has revealed his plans for the exhibition to “sever all connections with contemporary architecture which, in spite of many impressive manifestations, is not in good health”. Instead he proposes to focus efforts highlighting the progression of global architecture over the last 100 years. Architecture’s most famous exhibition will be centred around the theme ‘fundamentals’, highlighting the progression of global architecture over the last 100 years,  where it now finds itself today and a speculation for the future of the industry.

Koolhaas stated at the Italian Cultural Institute in London “What we hope to do with this biennale is to lift the pressure of constant seriousness of the profession of architecture,” “I think architecture is written about as if it is a dead serious discipline, but I think there is life in architecture.” We agree Remy! Why so serious? Lets get some fun going, I for one will crack a beer or ten this weekend, get the old sketchbook out and try my hand at architecture…ing!  

week 11 venice biennual.jpg

image: Venice Biennual 2014

Week 11 venice biennial.jpgimage: Venice Biennale 2014

The Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 will open to the public on 7 June and will run until 23 November.


Another Story

Week 11 Sou Fujimoto 5.jpg

Fujimoto’s Pineapple

Ok… I admit, this is borderline last week but there’s so much going on these days and we couldn’t miss featuring such an captivating design from Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

From an architect with such a strong portfolio including the Musasho Art University Library and an evocative sketch book we expected a spectacular design and there is no doubt that this tower, destined for Montpellier, France is just that, spectacular. The title of the design is, Arbre Blanc or ‘White Tree’ for those of us who weren’t concentrating in French classes! In collaboration with Manal Rachdi of OXO and Nicolas Laisne Architects this design grew from Fujimoto’s ideology that architecture should reflect forms found in nature. In our eyes they have achieved this; a tree, a pinecone, a pineapple, even an upright hedgehog, this design is full of flare and functional expressionism.

Featuring 120 apartments, a restaurant, panoramic bar, office space and an art gallery, the building will sit at the crossroads of several major transport links as well as incorporating the extension of the nearby riverside park.

If your lucky enough to get one of the apartments you will have an abundance of beautiful views from the huge, leaf like, sun catching balconies. They’ve taken BIG’s VM house balconies to the next level. Just imagine the summer BBQs! Privacy is an issue that Fujimoto and his crew may have slightly overlooked here, as well as balcony water management but hey… minor details to figure out before construction!

Week 11 Sou Fujimoto 2.jpg © RSI-studioWeek 11 Sou Fijimoto 4.jpg  © RSI-studio  Week 11 Sou Fujimoto 3.jpg  © RSI-studio

Week 11 Sou-Fujimoto 1.gif        © RSI-studioWeek 1 Sou Fujimoto 6.gif

© RSI-studio_________________________________________________________________

This Weeks Win


week 11 boijmans museum.jpg

The Boijmans van Beuningen Big Bad Bowl!

The Dutch outfit MVRDV has this week revealed it’s competition winning design for the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As part of the OMA design Museum Park, the building will form a mirrored bowl and exposed sculptured rooftop garden. The building is in effect a storage facility for Rotterdam’s famed art museum but is in fact also a public exhibition. 40% of the building will be open to the public who will be able to view some of the 125,000 paintings, sculptures and objects that are to be stored there. Visitors will be able to enjoy the floor level café before meandering up to the rooftop sculpture garden and restaurant. Sounds lovely, if all goes to plan with what can only be assumed as some serious sun reflection issues! Completion is due for 2017.

week 11 boijans museum 3.jpg image:MVRDV

week 1 boijmans museum 1.gif image:MVRDV

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Friday Fun!

Seeing as it’s the weekend we feel that its time to relax a little! Before all you architects finally shut off your labyrinth of Mac displays and for the rest of you, whether you’ve been working, studying, exercising, laughing, crying, eating or sleeping your way through the week, make sure to check out this mesmerising video. Kick back and relax, nature style! See you next week arcspacers