Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 15

by | 11. Apr 2014


By Christopher William Reeves

Welcome to Touring the World of Architecture: Week 15. We’ve got four intriguing features for you starting with the big time partnership of Gehry and Norman Foster going all guns blazing at London’s Battersea Power Station, a beautiful hospital in Denmark by Herzog & Meuron, a rare win for modesty with Chipperfield’s ‘light’ Nobel prize HQ design and a cool birds eye video entitled ‘Tiny Sydney’. Have a great weekend from the arcspace team.

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Top Story


week 15 5342d7ebc07a80d9e300014c_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_the_electric_boulevard___the_skyline.jpg 

Gehry and Foster + Partners London Revival

Frank Gehry and Foster + Partners have this week presented their design for a 1300 neighbourhood at the redevelopment site at London’s Battersea Power Station. As part of Rafael Viñoly’s master plan for the area, the US/UK firms partnered up to reveal phase 3. Funnily enough the release has changed a fair bit from the original mock ups which arcspace commented on last year.

The new design is centered around the ‘Electric Boulevard’, a pedestrianized high street that provides the core space between Gehry’s cluster of 5 residential buildings known as Prospect Place (they’re the wonky, mismatch looking buildings with Gehry’s typical rippled exterior) and Foster + Partners ‘Skyline’ (the building shaped like a meandering river) that lies to the east.

week 15 5342d852c07a809fab00014a_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_southern_aspect_of_phase_3_battersea_power_station_development.jpgPhase 3 Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station

The Skyline will provide ‘affordable housing’ (for the rich!) within its southern tip, as well as a medical centre and a 160 room hotel. Look to the sky and you will find a 250 meter roof top garden. Splendid!

Gehry’s Prospect Place will then provide over half of the residential apartments as well as commercial space, a community center and park. The most central of the 5 blocks will be formed around a flower shaped plan. Gehry commented, “Our goal from the start has been to create a neighbourhood that connects into the historic fabric of the city of London, but one that has its own identity and integrity. We have tried to create humanistic environments that feel good to live in and visit.”

The Battersea Power Plant area has been vacant for 30 years and has undergone numerous failed development proposals. In past years controversy has followed the project as the area’s owners, a Malaysian consortium, are rumoured to have made a few bucks from palm oil production, one of the largest reasons for the vast deforestation seen in Asia.

week 15 5342d877c07a8091a000018d_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_eastern_aspect_of_phase_3.jpgPhase 3 Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station

week 15 5342d793c07a80d9e300014b_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_phase_3_model.jpgPhase 3 Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station

week 15 5342d7f9c07a8091a000018b_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_gehry_prospect_place___the_flower.jpgProspect Place Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station

week 15 5342d844c07a8091a000018c_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_foster___partners_the_skyline_roof_garden.jpg    The Skyline Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station

week 15 5342d78fc07a8091a000018a_foster-and-gehry-reveal-designs-for-battersea-power-station_battersea_development_aerial_incl_phase_3.jpg    The Masterplan Image Courtesy of Battersea Power Station


Another Story


week 15 New-North-Zealand-Hospital-by-Herzog-and-de-Meuron_dezeen_ss2.jpg  

Shame You Have to be Sick to Go There!

In many countries it is bemoaned that our hospitals are old and dreary places, jammed with half empty vending machines, hectic waiting rooms and factory set strobe lighting. Well, not in Denmark! Well, not in one of Denmark’s newly planned hospitals that is! The Swiss firm Herzog & Meuron have teamed up with local architects Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects to reveal their designs for a delightful looking low rise hospital in Hillerød, north of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

24 medical departments will call this open and fresh design ‘home’. The architects remark it is a prime example of how architectural ambition and functionality can be successfully combined. Herzog & Meuron commented, “The hospital organically reaches out into the wide landscape. Simultaneously its soft, flowing form binds the many components of the hospital. It is a low building that fosters exchange between staff and patients, and it has a human scale despite its very large size.”

The build is due for completion in 2020 with space for an extension in 2050. Forward thinking no less!

week 15 New-North-Zealand-Hospital-by-Herzog-and-de-Meuron_dezeen_ss4.jpg  © Herzog & de Meuron

week 15 5345c088c07a80a76e000001_herzog-de-meuron-to-design-one-of-denmark-s-largest-hospitals-_screen_shot_2014-04-09_at_2-46-51_pm.jpg© Herzog & de Meuron
week 15 5345c089c07a80433800000b_herzog-de-meuron-to-design-one-of-denmark-s-largest-hospitals-_screen_shot_2014-04-09_at_2-47-02_pm.jpg© Herzog & de Meuron

week 15 5345c08ec07a80a76e000002_herzog-de-meuron-to-design-one-of-denmark-s-largest-hospitals-_screen_shot_2014-04-09_at_2-47-10_pm.jpg© Herzog & de Meuron

week 15 New-North-Zealand-Hospital-by-Herzog-and-de-Meuron_dezeen_ss1.jpg© Herzog & de Meuron

Check out the Swiss firms video from another of thier up and coming projects, the M+ Museum in Hong Kong.


This Weeks Win


week 15 534579e7c07a808e4a000015_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n4.jpg 

Modesty’s Rare Victory

David Chipperfield Architects have won the prestigious international competition for the Nobel Centre’s HQ in Stockholm. The modest design won the jury over with its ‘lightness and openness’, overcoming heavy hitting rivals such as BIG, OMA and 3XN. View a range of pictures from the entries here.

The building’s form as a ‘solitaire’ will sit at the city center waterside location, adjacent to the Swedish National Museum, creating a prominent cultural destination. As the Nobel prize’s first HQ the building will include an auditorium, offices, museum, conference halls, library, restaurant, café, bar and shop. The auditorium will be the central focus with citywide views and elegant stage for those clever enough to don the Nobel Prize ceremony stage.

The grounds will link with the National Museum park and waterside facilities creating generous outdoor spaces for the Swedish public and tourists alike. We look forward to seeing it upon its completion in 2018.

week 15 534579cec07a808e4a000014_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n3.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 53457a04c07a8001d9000010_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n7.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 53457a0fc07a80b055000010_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n8.jpg image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 534579f0c07a80b05500000f_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n5.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 534579d2c07a80b05500000e_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca_n2.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 53457a30c07a808e4a000016_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_08_a_v2_2_dca.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 53457b2bc07a808e4a000018_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_06_a_v2_sbb_500_colour.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB

week 15 53457b29c07a8001d9000014_in-detail-chipperfield-s-nobel-centre-for-stockholm_1068_06_a_v2_saa_500.jpg Image © Nobelhuset AB


Friday Fun

Here’s a cool video from the God perspective! Using tilt shift effect in post production Filippo Rivetti shows us as tiny people in a tiny city. Better get organising for a trip down to Australia! See you next week from the arcspace team