Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 17

by | 28. Apr 2014


By Christopher William Reeves

Tired of scanning the web for the best stories. Well look no further than Touring the World of Architecture Week 17. We bring you a round up of last week’s biggest and best architectural news. We open with MVRDV’s Moscow masterplan, UNStudio sparkling addition in Seoul, amphibianArc’s huge design in China and a compelling video from NYC. Truly global!

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Top Story

week 17 MVRDV-58HASerpMolot.jpg     

MVRDV Get Busy In Moscow


Dutch Architects MVRDV are set to redevelop a timeworn Russian steel quarter in the center of Moscow. The Serp & Molot factory area, a historical symbol of the ‘Hammer and Sickle’ days, will be transformed into what initial renders suggest to be a charming, lively and extensive urban area.

MVRDV are known for their innovative, modern, unique and wacky designs, see The Glass Farm  and Balancing Barn as prime examples, and this multi faceted plan is no different. The rejuvenated quarter will feature homes, schools, office and commercial space and a hospital, as well as a ‘High Line’ walkway. Each building will adjourn existing infrastructure and a new spinal shaped park. The plans will retain the historical preferences of the now overgrown 1884 factory area whilst bringing an attractive and modern urban neighbourhood to the Russian capital. 

Mokba is set to have this impressive design in place and buzzing by 2021. Let’s hope Putin’s Sochi developer friends aren’t involved in this one if it’s to stay on budget!

week 17 MVRDV-58HASerpMolot2.jpg      via MVRDV

week 17 MVRDV-58HASerpMolot4.jpg      via MVRDV

week 17 MVRDV-58HASerpMolot5.jpgvia MVRDV


Another Story

week 17 unstudio main.jpg

Creative UNStudio Remodel in Seoul

The Hanwha HQ in Seoul is going to get a glittering new façade courtesy of the services of Amsterdam and Shanghai based UNStudio. The design brings a touch of modern, technologically advanced and environmentally sound performance to the commercial building or as UNStudio founder Ben van Berkel puts it:

By means of a reductive, integrated gesture, the facade design for the Hanwha HQ implements fully inclusive systems which significantly impact the interior climate of the building, improve user comfort and ensure high levels of sustainability and affordability. Through fully integrated design strategies today’s facades can provide responsive and performative envelopes that both contextually and conceptually react to their local surroundings, whilst simultaneously determining interior conditions.”

The building’s facade will impact the interior climate via angled geometry of the exterior panels as well as vertically mounted PV panels in the areas that receive the most direct sunlight. LED pixels will reflect light inwards, illuminating interior public spaces, which are also undergoing a rethink by UNStudio’s collective minds.

Well, It looks great from our end and any advance in sustainable building design is welcomed by all. Well done UNStudio!

week 17 unstudio.jpgRendering © UNStudio

week 17 unstudio 2.jpgRendering © UNStudio

week 17 unstudio 3.jpgRendering © UNStudio


This Week’s Win

week 17 Courtesy of amphibianArc 1.jpg

amphibianArc’s Triumphant Win in China


Ningbo, Zhejiang in China is the setting for amphibianArc‘s win with their 4th phase design in the Ningbo Yinzhou Southern CBD Portal Project Planning Competition. Beating the likes of URBANUS to the top spot amphibianArc presented a impressive plan that emphasised the strategic importance of the port area. Based on a transit-orientated model the master plan aims to maximise public space whilst providing sufficient building mass for the transit and trade hub area. The total area of the design is 710,000 square meters.

amphibianArc, founded in 1992 by Nonchi Wang work primarily in China.

Check out their projects here

week 17 Courtesy of amphibianArc 3.jpg        © amphibianArc

week 17 Courtesy of amphibianArc 4.jpg© amphibianArc

week 17 Courtesy of amphibianArc 5.jpg© amphibianArc

week 17 civic center Courtesy of amphibianArc.jpg© amphibianArc

week 17 Courtesy of amphibianArc transit center .jpg© amphibianArc

week 17 twin towers Courtesy of amphibianArc.jpg© amphibianArc


This Week’s Video

Not Your Average Billboard


Check out NYC’s ‘Wall Dogs’, a more authentic approach to advertising on the side of city buildings. Could integrating wall space, internal or external, into the design of buildings be a cool thing to look at for architects, not only for advertising but for art?