Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 18

by | 02. May 2013


By Eva Bjerring

Touring the world of architecture is a new weekly feature on arcspace.  The tour is the arcspace HQ pick on big and small from the world of architecture. It is a guide to the current top stories, videos, winners, competitions, and a bit of sleek architecture.

We like to think of it as a light round up from the global architecture world before we head for the weekend. Enjoy!

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This week’s win

Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 goes to Harpa, Iceland

Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre by Henning Larsen Architects. Photo by Nic Lehoux

One of the biggest news in the architecture business – the announcement of the 2013 Mies van der Rohe Award winner  – rumbled through the jungles this week.

The Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 goes to Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland. Icelandic BatteriiĆ° Architects, Danish Henning Larsen Architects and Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is behind this wonderfully mythological spear head at the front of the Reykjavik harbor.

Wiel Arets, Chair of the Jury, states:

Harpa has captured the myth of a nation – Iceland – that has consciously acted in favour of a hybrid-cultural building during the middle of the ongoing Great Recession. The iconic and transparent porous ‘quasi brick’ appears as an ever-changing play of coloured light, promoting a dialogue between the city of Reykjavik and the building’s interior life. By giving an identity to a society long known for its sagas, through an interdisciplinary collaboration between Henning Larsen Architects and artist Olafur Eliasson, this project is an important message to the world and to the Icelandic people, fulfilling their long expected dream.

The Harpa has already made it to the arcspace archive. Get the full tour around the winning project.

Big congratulations from the arcspace crew!

Business news

A Seoul dream on the brink to nightmare


Actually already old news, since it ran last week. Being a big project – and financial bump – we feel this has to go out.

According to several finance media sources the prestigious $28billion ‘Dream Hub’ plan for future growth in Seoul, Korea, will probably remain just that: a dream. The project is on the line after developers defaulted on a major loan repayment amid the real estate slump after the 2008 global financial crisis, Business Insider AFP reports. The collapse of the project is still speculative, as it is unclear how the next round of loans in June 2013 will turn out.

The project was to be a city within the city inhabited by dozens of international starchitect project’s involving MVRDV, Dominique Perrault, BIG, REX, KPF, Tange Associates and several others resting on a Daniel Libeskind master plan.

Get the full story on Business Insider.

Video of the week

How the world would look in silence

The French-German artist duo Lucie & Simon’s takes you on tour to how the world would look in silence. The 7’45 minute video pieced together by stills features both the beautiful and disturbing quietness in public spaces in USA, China, France and Italy.


Sleek architecture

Quite a pad you got here, man
/ The Big Lebowski


Mr. Porter, the fashion go-to magazine for any man in need of a style guide, reports from the 20th century Los Angeles architecture wonderland and its unique casting in the Hollywood movies. Take a tour into the architecture of silver screen classics such as Blade Runner (1982), Lees Than Zero (1987), The Big Lebowski (1998) and A Single Man (2009).