Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 20

by | 17. May 2013


By Eva Bjerring

Once again we have had an eye out for the biggest, most interesting and a bit of quirky architecture news.

Enjoy – and please do pitch in with ideas, stories and other stuff for us to catch


Top Story

Aerial view of the proposed Miami Beach Square development by BIG, West 8, Fentress, JPA, Portman CMC (Image courtesy of BIG)

Miami Strikes Again

Miami is rolling, and once again the sunny beach town hits the top of the list of interesting projects in the making. Last week the news about the 2013 winners of DanwTown’s idea competition ‘Landmark Miami’ was on our radar. This week it’s ‘BIG challenges big brother OMA’, the Dutch playroom where BIG-founder Bjarke Ingels took his first architect baby steps, on the Miami Beach Convention Center asphalt lot.

Together with West 8, Fentress Architects, John Portman & Associates (JPA), Revuelta Architecture International and developers Portman-CMC the architects at BIG are the masterminds behind the newest urban planning proposal for Miami Beach Square.

The project aims at filling out the black hole of asphalt in front of the existing convention center with an urban fabric of paths and plazas, parks and gardens that form an archipelago of urban oases.

Miami Beach Square at BIG.    



Wanted: Eco-friendly Manufacturers


Sustainability-focused product manufacturers and innovators of eco-centered technologies will be given a platform to showcase their new developments at the £20m Sustainable Building Exhibition Centre in Changsha, China.

BRE, client advisor and leader in supply chain engagement on the scheme, Director Jaya Skandamoorthy says:

This is a significant opportunity for businesses to promote their innovation and expertise to a massive and highly influential developer and wider audience in China. BRE wants to hear about the most exciting technologies out there for what promises to be an extremely high profile project.

Find out more about how, where and when to join.   


This Week’s Win


League Prize 2013: Range

6 winners of the 32nd annual Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers have been announced; a prize renowned as one of North America’s most prestigious awards for young architects.

Congratulations to:


Video of the Week


“I am not a brand”

If you feel the need to spend a few minutes with something immensely beautiful, you should dip into this small BBC portrait of Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and his quiet, yet powerful architecture. As the video states Zumthor’s architecture are ordinary buildings made extraordinary by working with a concept of the whole building.

This approach has earned him the architecture Nobel Prize, the Pritzker Prize, and just recently the  highest accolade of architecture in Britain, the RIBA Gold Medal. If you are not already aware of his architecture you certainly won’t doubt why after this short, but insightful introduction.  

Watch it on BBC


A Bit of Friday Fun


“This is how we party”

Our colleagues at have a good eye for a party. And who wouldn’t in the architecture business where men in black know how to roll. Even though we are sure they know how to light up a party, here as list of the parties they wish they could have attended.

Take a sip and join in – from Bauhaus Metallic Festival to Philip Johnson snogging Andy Warhol – or was it the other way around?

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