Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 25

by | 21. Jun 2013

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By Eva Bjerring

June is well on its way and for lots of colleagues around the globe a well-deserved summer filled with architecture awaits.  Until then, here is this week’s pick on big and small.

We’ve been in Istanbul and read Archrecord’s Gökhan Karakuş’s report from the Taksim Gezi Park and why architects around the world should worry with great interest, in NY MoMA keeps you warm all summer with dj’s, drinks and dance, architects in LA have celebrated the 43rd Annual LA Architectural Awards, we’ve had fun with architects speaking ‘International Architecture English’ and last but not least enjoyed the wisdom of the 20th century masters.

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Top Story

week25-1. TaksimIstanbul-Photo-AFP-Getty Images.jpg
The scene in Istanbul’s Taksim Square on Sunday, the day after police ceded control of the plaza to protesters. Photo © AFP / Getty Images

All eyes on Istanbul

With Ërdogan’s clearing of the central park in Istanbul, Turkey, last Sunday everyone holds their breath awaiting the parties’ next move. Not just unions, students or average people, but also architects and designers are involved in what started as a demonstration against the demolition of the old trees in Taksim Gezi Park. The protests have evolved into mass demonstrations against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the ongoing development of Istanbul, tensions between secularists and Islamists, and the political actions recently being taken by the ruling Justice and Development Party, including plans to cut down on abortion.

Archrecord’s Gökhan Karakuş has studied the movement from the perspective of the architecture business and states:

The protests that began here last week grew out of a demonstration against the autocratic and blatantly commercial approach to architecture and public space taken by the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) government.”

Read his full comment on archrecord


Another News Story

week25-2. Moma-Warmup-ps1-ToddTerry.jpg
Photo: Loren Wohl, MoMa PS1 Warm UP

Summer warm – all summer

If the summer in NY isn’t warm enough you can heat up at the MoMA PS1 WARM UP 2013. From next Saturday, June 29, and every Saturday until September 7 the museum’s highly anticipated outdoor music series will continue its tradition of introducing audiences to the best in experimental live music, sound, and DJs-both local and international – across a range of genres.

MoMA PS1 Warm Up


This Week’s Win

week25-4. stirling-prize-2013.jpg   

RIBA Sterling Prize announces this year’s winners

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has revealed the winners of the 2013 RIBA National Awards, the most rigorously-judged awards for architectural excellence. 43 buildings in the UK and 9 buildings elsewhere in the EU have been awarded the prestigious prize for architecture exceeding the expected. Among the awardees you’ll find the MBA Building / HEC Campus by David Chipperfield, the Pierresvives by Zaha Hadid Architects, and the Sorø Art Museum by Lundgaard and Tranberg.

See the full list of winners


Huh… say that again

week25-3. International-Architecture-English-uncube.png

We know the discussion from the art world – no one understands what the heck the curator, PR responsible and artist are talking about when they start to unfold the art of artspeak. But maybe the art business isn’t the only business to leave its head in the toilet when communicating to the outer world.

Are we in the architecture business just as horrible when it comes to speaking about our work? The assumption is according to Uncube Magazine – yes, arch-speak does indeed exist and it is not a pretty sight.

International Architecture English on Uncube Magazine


Video of the Week

Architecture with capital letter A, 6:38 min

Architecture with capital letter A

Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Philip Johnson, Denise Scott Brown, Richard Meier, Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Oscar Niemeyer, Arata Isozaki, Rem Koolhaas, Toyo Ito, Jean Nouvel, Stevel Holl, Zaha Hadid, Wang-Shu, Renzo Piano, Daniel Libeskind, Cecil Balmond, Sir Norman Foster – we know their work by heart. Now we can get acquainted with their wrinkly faces as well.   

“Architecture with capital letter A” features some of the most renown and influential architects of our last century. A nice Friday breather with the fathers (and one mother) of architecture – enjoy!