Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 39

by | 27. Sep 2013

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By Christopher William Reeves

The weekend is finally here and with it comes this edition of Touring the World of Architecture; presenting some of the best snippets from this week’s architectural news. We have a tenth anniversary, a big inflatable balloon, an encyclopedia worth picking up, videos from Berlin and a foray into the world of architecture from no other than Kanye West! Good reading and have a great weekend…

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Top Story

Week 39 Walt disney cover 2
Photo:Carol Highsmith

LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall turns 10!

The Los Angeles’s Walt Disney Concert Hall is turning 10 years old. The iconic building, with its long and complex history (the project began in 1987!) is still the center piece of LA’s entertainment culture.  The Frank Gehry designed building opened in 2003, with both the architecture and acoustics receiving worldwide acclaim. The design was aimed not only to retain the idea that a concert hall should be a place of refuge but also to embrace the informality that is Los Angeles’ character. Constructed for the people of LA, with almost half of the funding stemming from the Walt Disney family, this iconic building is still serving the masses, removing classical music from its highbrow associations 10 years after its opening.

Read the Arcspace feature on the Concert Hall

Pirouette inside the Concert hall with this Panorama view



Temporary Architecture in Pink

   week 39 temporary concert hallPhoto: Lucerne Festival Arknova

Ark Nova: The World’s First Inflatable Concert Hall

Temporary architecture has always been a bit up and down! But this inflatable concert hall designed by British Sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese Architect Arata Isozaki is set to host world-class concerts, workshops, and both traditional and contemporary performances for the 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit areas of Japan. Commissioned by the Swiss Lucerne Festival, the inflatable structure reminds us of how architecture, both permanent and temporary, can act to bring people together to create interactions and experiences.

The concert hall will embody both a stage area and seating (made from tsunami damaged cedar trees) to hold 500 people and will travel to various locations along Japan’s stricken coastline.

Read more about Ark Nova


Reinforce your coffee tables, this is a big one!

week 39 book photoPhoto: TASCHEN/  Beyond Infinity II, Shanghai, Beijing, and 10 other cities in China, 2011  Dieder Boy del la tour

Architecture Now! Vol.9

The 9th Edition of the Architecture Now! Series, described as ‘the living encyclopedia of architecture’ is currently available for excessive browsing! With over 480 pages of both beautiful pictures and intellectual descriptions, the encyclopedia features the latest buildings from around the globe. Projects include a variety of houses, office complexes, movie theatres, fashion boutiques and even an Opera village; this book is a fundamental reference for the latest trends and developments in 21st century architecture. Easy to navigate A-Z entries, (much like the Arcspace website I might add!) Architecture Now! Volume 9 is an enthralling read for all; from the hardcore architects to those who just want to look at pretty buildings.  

More information at TASCHEN


Feel the Love

week 39 architects in lovePhoto: Architectuul

Architects in Love premiers Berlin’s unknown architecture

Our friends over at Architectuul have announced the premier of a video series titled, Architects in Love. Part of the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennial, the series of 5 videos, available to view online from the 30th September, features four young Berlin architects and a range of buildings they have respectively grown to love in their local neighborhoods. Absent from the often abstract description of city architecture, the videos discuss not only the buildings physical aesthetics but more compellingly the social and historical context in which they are placed. Collectively the videos represent a captivating tale of Berlin’s architecture that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Check from the 30th of September to view the Architects in Love Series


This Week’s Fun

 week 39 kanye westPhoto:Seven Screen pavilion by OMA for Kanye West/Philippe Ruault

A career move for Kanye?

I hang around architects mostly….People that wanna make things as dope as possible
Kanye West on BBC Radio 1

These were the wise words of Kanye West in an interview with BBC Radio 1 this week. Mr West is planning to diversify his skills into the world of architecture. Expanding his design company, DONDA, West hopes to employ a number of architects.  And why not! West has already been in collaboration with Dutch architects OMA for his innovative cinema designs. Good luck to you Kanye…