Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 46

by | 15. Nov 2013

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By Christopher William Reeves

A warm welcome to this weeks edition of Touring the World of Architecture. Below you will find a splatter of architectural news to keep you entertained. Hadid is causing a stir, central Sydney has a hard choice to make, the US embassy in London gets going and one book reveals all about architects’ own homes.

Have a great weekend from all here at arcspace.

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Top Story

Week 46 Hadid IraqNew Iraqi Parliment Copyright ZHA 

The winner in 3rd place…Zaha Hadid!

Architectural competitions can be argued as a rather inefficient way to select the design of a new building. This episode of events would firmly back that assumption up. Zaha Hadid, a constant supplier of great stories for Touring the World of Architecture, has this week won the design for the new Iraqi Parliament building after placing 3rd in the RIBA led competition. Confusing! The competition’s client sparked controversy when conversations were held after the initial winners,

Assemblage, were publicly crowned to design the 20 hectare site. However, the client claimed they had the right to overrule the selection committee and pick any of the top 3 designs. Iraqi British Hadid may have her roots to thank for this one, but nonetheless another spectacular design for a developing Baghdad. Hadid’s win adds to her growing presence in the Iraqi capital with the contract for Baghdad’s Central Bank HQ confirmed and rumours of a contract for the new Iraqi National Museum in the pipeline.

Week 46 Hadid IraqAssemblage’s original winner. Image copyright Assemblage´╗┐


This Week’s Win

Week 46 Sydney 3 Mario Cucinella Architects. Copyright Parramatta City Council

The Battle for Sydney

Ok, it’s not quite a win yet, but 73 entries have been whittled down to 4 designs for the battle to build two commercial towers in the heart of Sydney. Parramatta City Council announced Francis Jones Morehen Thorp, Johnson Pilton Walker, Bates Smart and Italian firm Mario Cucinella Architects as the front runners for the 3 hectar site. We love the Italian design here at arcspace. What do you think?

Week 46 Sydney Bates Smart. Copyright Parramatta City Council

Week 46 Sydney Johnson Pilton Walker Copyright Parramatta City Council

Week 46 Sydney 4 Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp. Copyright Parramatta City Council´╗┐


And Another Story

Week 46 US Embassey LondonRendering via kierantimberlake

New US Embassy Breaks Ground in London

Philadelphia based firm KieranTimberlake broke ground on the New US Embassy in London this week. The environmentally friendly building slated for completion in 2017 is aiming for the highest ‘green’ credentials.

Exterior air filled insulation pockets will help keep the ambassador warm in during the wet and windy winters whilst a vast roof Solar PV system will keep the photocopiers running. Landscape architects will also be pleased to see an impressive park surrounding the building complete with an integrated half moon pond; the perfect place to relax before hearing the fate of that long awaited visa application!


Friday Fun

Week 46 Taschen Architects Home Copyright Taschen

Architects’ own Homes

It’s a question that has puzzled the world’s brightest for centuries! Where do architects actually live? As a select breed of highly skilled, design savvy professionals you would certainly not expect the world’s best architects to live in homes made of meer bricks and mortar, so where do they live? Space age egg houses, underground bunkers, gold-lined penthouses? Well, not quite but this book by Taschen goes some way to illustrate how a selection of architects design homes for themselves. Definitely worth a flick through.


This Week’s Video 

Get your geek on! Check out what that clever bunch at MIT have been upto the last few years, exploring the boundaries of architectural geometry. ´╗┐