Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 47

by | 22. Nov 2013

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By Christopher William Reeves

Hello from all here at arcspace and welcome to week 47 of Touring the World of Architecture. The last 7 days have seen a couple of great wins! BIG present a beautiful curved design in France and NEXT Architects have proposed a knotted bridge in China! Then we have the return of Kanye West with more inspiring words and a video to welcome the imminent winter!

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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Top Story

Week 47 BIG render titleimage via BIG + MIR

BIG wins Museum of Human Body in Montpellier

BIG continues its recent success to win the competition to design the Cité du Corps Humain in Montpellier. In collaboration with A+Architecture and Base (Landscape Architects) the new building will form an extension of the Parc Marianne. At 7,800 square meters, the museum will be composed of eight curved intertwined spaces across one level. Much like a set of interlocking fingers. One side will be paved and the other covered in turf, extending the park onto the roof. These will acts as terraced pockets looking over the surrounding park and city. A perfect place to ponder the brilliance of the human body perhaps! 

Week 47 BIG render 1image via BIG + MIR

Week 47 NEXT render titleCopyright Next Architects

NEXT Architects Chinese Knots

OK, we admit it, this was public last week but the renderings look so spectacular we had to include it! NEXT Architects have won the competition to design a pedestrian bridge in Changsha, China. Modeled after the Möbius strip and Chinese knots the bridge will provide multiple links across the Dragon King Harbor River. Congratulation NEXT Architects.


Week 47 NEXT render 2Copyright Next ArchitectsWeek 47 NEXT drawingsCopyright Next Architects


And Another Story

Week 47 Architects awards Overall Winner / Sense of Place Category. Image copyright Ken Schluchtmann via Arcaid Images

Architectural Photography Awards 2013

We are all partial to drifting off sometimes,looking for things to do other than work or study, clever people call it procrastination and youtube usually does the job to entertain the mind! Well here is an alternative that might just inspire all you budding architects to get back to designing! Check out these world class images from the Architectural Photography Awards featuring an assortment of beautiful buildings and structures.

All images from the Architectural Photography Awards here   


Friday Fun

Week 47 Kanye

Image Justin Gallagher

Who architected that building!?

Kanye West is back in architectural news with more words of wisdom! In Touring the World of Architecture Week 39 we brought you the news of Kanye’s collaboration with OMA, describing architects as “people who wanna make things as dope as possible”. Now visiting Harvard’s Graduate School of Design Mr West announced ” I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be “architected”

Very well said Kanye even if you have made up a new word!!

See the full speech here.


This Week’s Video

The winter is on its way here in Scandinavia and to bring you into the weekend a snowy video entitled, Ice Lab New Architecture and Science in Antartica. 

Dates: 21 October 2013 — 6 January 2014
Location: Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK
Commissioned by the British Council
Curated by The Arts Catalyst

The exhibition will tour internationally from 2014.