Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 48

by | 29. Nov 2013

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By Christopher William Reeves

Once again we have had an eye out for the biggest, most interesting and a bit of quirky architecture news. This week, we present – among other things – a spectacular airport terminal in Shenzen, yet another OMA skyscraper and the latest Hadid controversy.

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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Top Story

Touring-week-48-big-view-Ossip-van-Duivenbode.jpgBig view © Ossip van Duivenbode

De Rotterdam Lights Up the Night Sky

Rem Koolhaas once said he wanted to ‘kill the skyscraper’! Taken literally the destruction of every skyscraper in the world would be a ‘tall’ order…Sorry!! But metaphorically, killing the skyscraper through examples of innovative and unique designs has certainly been achieved. For proof, look no further than the new De Rotterdam building in, you guessed it, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Koolhaas’s Dutch studio OMA can add another iconic tall building to its completion list alongside the recently acclaimed CCTV Headquarters in Beijing. The De Rotterdam Building hosts 44 floors, 162,000 sqm and hits 150 meters tall.   

Touring-week-48-tall-view-Michel-van-de-Kar.jpgTall view © Michel van de Kar

Check out this video of Europe’s largest ever video projection on the side of De Rotterdam. Illustrating the A15 project, an initiative representing the possible future of the A15, from a busy highway across the Netherlands into the world’s first sustainable highway. Pretty cool…


Another Story

Touring-week-48-1__Terminal-3-Shenzhen-Baoan-Airport-by-Studio-Fuksas.jpgImage © Studio Fukas


Studio Fukas has completed a beautiful airport terminal in Shenzhen, China. If you’re a fan of mesh like facades then you’re going to love this! Curved mesh like exteriors, sweeping roofs and permeable, fissured walls create the sense of a living, breathing airport. The honeycomb design maximizes the flow of natural light with tree shaped air conditioning structures adding a unique and modern take on transit architecture. Completed in only 3 years this terminal is part of a project stretching to 2035!   

Touring-week-48-2__Terminal-3-Shenzhen-Baoan-Airport-by-Studio-Fuksas-9.jpgImage  ©  Studio FukasTouring-week-48-3__ Terminal-3-Shenzhen-Baoan-Airport-by-Studio-Fuksas-5.jpgImage  ©  Studio Fukas


This Week’s Win

Touring-week-48-UNStudio-1.jpgPicture via UnStudio

UNStudio Design Selected for Baumkirchen Mitte in Munich

UNStudio worked in collaboration with OR else Landscapes on the design for the 18,500m2 residential and office complex located in the east of Munich. The 60 meter high building will form the entrance point to the new Baumkirchen Mitte Development.

Ben Van Berkel explained “In the design for the facade of the building we chose for an articulated sobriety, incorporating contrasting scales of detail. The horizontal bands which wrap and organise the building present a sober articulation from a distance, however as you get closer to the building you discover a refined scale of intricate, complex detailing.”

I think that meant, “if one stands far away from the building you see the structural levels of the building, but if one moves closer to the building… you see the details” Genius.

Touring-week-48-UNStudio-2.jpgPicture via UnStudio

Touring-week-48-UNStudio-3.jpgPicture via UnStudio


Friday Fun

Touring-week-48-copyright-ZHA.jpgPicture copyright ZHA

What Does it Look Like!?

This week has seen a few people get into a huff and puff about Zaha Hadid’s Al Wakrah Stadium in Qatar. Some suggest that the stadium resembles, to put it politely, the female genitalia. Hadid responded with some heat in an interview in TIME magazine,

” It’s really embarrassing that they come up with nonsense like this. What are they saying? Everything with a hole in it is a vagina? That’s ridiculous.”

We agree, who cares if it looks slightly like the female genitalia…and the end of the day at least it doesn’t look like the male genitalia!!


This Week’s Video

Copy & Paste

This weeks video follows a very talented and super fast user of photoshop. Here using constructed buildings and materials from other architects, something new is created, aka, the copy-paste workshop!