Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 49

by | 06. Dec 2013

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By Jakob Harry Hybel

Had a busy week with no time to read the news? Well, don’t sweat it, we’ll give you a chance to catch up. This week, the race has begun for the EXPO 2020, Foster reveals a masterplan for a museum extension and more and a fire raging in Brazil leaving the fate of a famous Niemeyer monument unclear, and more…

Have a great weekend, all of you.

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Top Story

week-49-HOK-dubai-world-expo-2020.jpg Image © HOK

And the EXPO goes to… Dubai

With the 2010 Shanghai EXPO, China took the millennium-old relic of the industrial revolution that is the World Exposition and upped the ante. By far the largest EXPO ever in both scale and ambition, it inevitably begged the question: who would possibly be able to out-spectacularize China?

From the looks of it, it will not be the Italian hosts of the upcoming 2015 Milan EXPO – but it seems possible that maybe Dubai could be a contender. And it just so happens that they have just won the bid with a masterplan designed by HOK, besting countries like Russia, Turkey and Brazil.

China, prepare to be challenged – and Dubai, we’re counting on you for a full-fledged EXPO extravaganza!

week-49-HOK-dubai-world-expo-2020-2.jpgImage © HOK


Another Story

week-49-Niemeyer-Memorial-of-Latin America-Fire.JPG Image © Nelson Almeida / AFP

Niemeyer Monument Imperiled

Sad news out of São Paulo. Last Friday, a sudden and devastating fire ravaged the Memorial of Latin America, designed by infamously relentless Modernist, Oscar Niemeyer, who incidentally, passed away one year ago yesterday.

The damages have not yet been assessed, so it remains to be seen, whether the building is in a state that warrants reconstruction. We are crossing our fingers, hoping that this substantial work of one of the great 20th century masters will not be demolished.


This Week’s Win

week-49-foster-partners-norton-museum-of-art-1.jpg Image courtesy of Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners Selected for Renovation and Expansion

Foster + Partners presented an elegant masterplan this week for the renovation and expansion of the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. The extension comprises three individual pavilions united under a metallic roof canopy, which will reflect the movement of people below.

The masterplan also includes different public functions such as an education center, auditorium and restaurant, providing a new public cultural hub for the region’s wider community. Sophisticated and thoughtful.

week-49-foster-partners-norton-museum-of-art-2.jpgImage courtesy of Foster + Partners


Friday Fun

week-49-contemporary-future-libeskind.jpgDaniel Libeskind’s Denver Art Museum reimagined as a Walmart

Reimagining Architectural Icons

There is a terrible tendency among architects to design everything in their buildings for just one purpose or function in an effort to desperately control their fate.

“Contemporary Future,” a series of digitally manipulated photographs, cleverly speculates what an alternate, somewhat dystopian future might have in store for some of the world’s most iconic buildings. The bizarre scenarios include Daniel Libeskind’s Denver Art Museum as a Walmart, and Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport by Zaha Hadid, destitude and abandoned.

See more entertaining alternate realities for buildings of famous starchitects here.

week-49-contemporary-future-hadid.jpgAn abandoned Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport by Zaha Hadid


This Week’s Video

And why not kick off your weekend by watching this inspiring lecture by Swiss guarddog of architectural craftsmanship Peter Zumthor. Entitled “Presence in Architecture” and held at the 2013 RIBA Awards, it will leave you reassured that all is not lost, in a world of architecture otherwise dominated by glittery, featureless renderings.