Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 51

by | 20. Dec 2013

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By Jakob Harry Hybel

This year’s last news round-up features the finalists for a competition for a media campus in Berlin; a failed attempt to ressurect Frank Lloyd Wright; Kenneth Frampton gets honored; a floating snow-covered cabin appears in Miami – and finally, a trailer for the upcoming REM documentary.

Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us here at arcspace, and while we’re at it, happy New Year. We are taking a two week break – but rest assured, we’ll be back touring the world of architecture in 2014. 

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Top Story

week-51-BIG-axel-springer-HQ.jpg “A Three Dimensional Neighborhood” Proposal from BIG. Image © BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

BIG and OMA Toe-to-Toe Once Again

This time, the two ever-competing studios have been selected – along with German studio Büro Ole Scheeren – as finalists in the competition for a new Media Campus in Berlin for German digital media giant, Axel Springer SE.

The new campus will be located on the site of the former Berlin Wall, previously a desolate no-man’s land, and the aim with the building is to integrate it into the urban and historic fabric of the city.  The final ranking will be released in January.

week-51-OMA-axel-springer-HQ.jpg “Digital Valley”. Proposal from OMA. Image Courtesy of Axel Springer SE

week-51-B-OS-axel-springer-HQ.jpg“The Collaborative Cloud” Proposal from Büro-OS. Image Courtesy of Axel Springer SE


Another Story

week-51-frank-lloyd-wright-okeefe-house-somerset.jpg The original drawings of the O’Reilly House from 1947. Image © the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Plans for Frank Lloyd Wright Villa Shot Down By City Council

The plans for the concrete villa, which was originally designed in 1947 for the cliffs of Saint Barbara, was discovered by Wright-enthusiast Dr. Hugh Pratt, who immediately dreamed of having it constructed for himself – in picturesque Somerset, UK.  The scheme even received a rare permission from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation – which owns the trademark of the architect’s name and copyright of all his works – after the Somerset site was visited and approved by one of its official architects.

However, as it turned out, few locals shared Dr. Pratt’s and the Wright Foundation’s enthusiasm for the project The proposed house has been called “an American oddity”, and disgruntled city councillor, Bob Cook went as far as to say, “Outside of the USA and Japan there is not one Frank Lloyd-Wright designed house. He can’t be that influential if the rest of the world doesn’t want them”.

Well, so much for an unlikely posthumous chapter of the story of a 20th century master.

Read more in the Bristol Post.


This Week’s Win

week-51-Kenneth-Frampton-Honored.jpg Photograph © Manuel Castells/Universidad de Navarra

Kenneth Frampton is Honored WIth Lifetime Achievement Award

Kenneth Frampton, the seminal scholar and critic received much-deserved recognition for his contribution to the discourse of architectural theory at this years Lisbon Biennale. Frampton is especially known for popularising the term critical regionalism as a description of the modern tradition in Portuguese architecture.

“Giving Frampton this award makes a statement that architecture culture is not just about buildings but the larger society,” states member of the jury, William Menking.


Friday Fun

week-51-inflatable-snow-house-at-design-1.jpgImage © Audemars Piguet

Inflatable Snow-Covered Cabin Exploring Florida

One of the more curious happenings on this year’s Design Miami was a snow-covered log cabin appearing out of the blue, floating around in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

It couldn’t be more out-of-place, but this of course, was exactly the point. The installation, entitled ‘Curiosity’, takes its name from the last Mars exploration rover. As one half of the French artist duo Kolkoz explains:

“We have taken this idea of an invader exploring a foreign land and applied it to the snow covered chalet that has set off on a journey and arrived in the middle of a maritime stadium in the hot Florida sun”.       

week-51-inflatable-snow-house-at-design-miami-interior.jpgInterior of the inflated cabin. Image © Audemars Piguet


This Week’s Video

A Sneak Peak of REM

Tomas Koolhaas recently released this 3-minute preview of the long-awaited documentary about his dad, Rem. The short video features a parkourer exploring the iconic Casa da Música. No release date for the documentary – simply titled “REM” – has been announced, but the release of the trailer could suggest it’s right around the corner. A little something to look forward to in the new year.