Touring The World Of Architecture: Week 8

by | 21. Feb 2014


By Christopher William Reeves

Hello again from the team here at arcspace wishing you a great weekend. This weeks roundup of interesting architectural news includes the Progressive Architecture Awards, an exciting project in Mexico City, a debatable antenna tower in Chile and a slice of scaling heights for our Friday fun!

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Top Story


prog awards 5.jpg 

Progressive Design Awards Have Been…Awarded!

This week ARCHITECT magazine recognised 10 un-built projects for their innovate and design excellence properties. The modern format of architectural competitions means every year numerous progressive and well founded designs are lost to the to the proverbial ‘architects design bin’. Here designs labelled as unwanted, inappropriate and losers are laid to rest! But not this week! Now 10 innovative designs have their chance to escape a life of desolation to rightfully receive the recognition they deserve! Hurrah!

prog awards 4.jpgFirst Award: Taijin EcoCity Ecology and Planning Museums © Steven Holl Architects

prog awrds 1.jpg Award: Kaohsiung Port Terminal© RUR Architecture

prog awards 3.jpg National Music Center of Canada, Calgary, Alberta.© Allied Works Architecture

prog awards 2.jpgSoccer Centre model Credit: Olivier Blouin


Another Story


zeller and moye 3.jpg

Zeller & Moye’s Exoskeleton to go ahead in Mexico City

We’ve featured a few special Mexican designs throughout the years at arcspace, and here is no different, we have an absolute belter! Emerging architect Zeller & Moye have proposed a new six story home for the Mexican design and architecture gallery Archivo. With input from gallery founder and architect Fernado Romero, this striking design, described as a ‘raw exoskeleton’ of concrete floor slates will provide new exhibition and event space for Archivo, set up to promote industrial design.

We at arcspace love the look of this one, with its sharp lines contrasting against the foliage of the surrounding greenery. A zigzagging staircase will begin in the ‘core’ of the building moving out onto the extensive balconies, terraces and seating areas that form the exterior. We love to see the architects thinking about the surrounding spaces of the building too, allowing public access for activities such as dance classes and urban gardening. Construction is planned to begin this year with completion sometime in 2016.  

zeller and moye 1.jpgimage © zeller & moye and FR-EE 

zeller and moye 2.jpgimage © zeller & moye and FR-EE zeller and moye 4.jpgimage © zeller & moye and FR-EE


This Weeks Win


santiago 1.jpg 

Santiago Landmark Competition goes to Smilijan Radic & Gabriela Medrano + Rocardo Serpell

Santiago, Chile will have a new landmark, an antenna come tower to be placed at the top of San Cristobal Hill in the heart of the city. A sure obstacle for any budding pilot in the area, the antenna’s primary functions are as a telecommunications and observation tower! It will be a fair walk to the top! Featuring 11 rings and reaching 140 meters high the architects description does little to promote the antenna, stating; “Conceptually its form does not propose anything novel for the FUTURE, nor does its figure appear graspable in the PRESENT. Its message is clearly confusing.”  Confusing indeed, and an interesting concept which the citizens of Santiago will no doubt have to contend with on a daily basis, not to mention those poor aircraft pilots! Readers thoughts on this one are welcome, waste of time or modern genius? 

santiago 4.jpgimage:Smilijan Radic & Gabriela Medrano + Rocardo Serpell

santiago 2.jpg image:Smilijan Radic & Gabriela Medrano + Rocardo Serpell   ________________________________________________________________

Friday Fun


shanghai tower.jpg Image © Vitaliy Raskalov,

Get Down From There Young Man!

The ‘Shanghai Tower’ is due for completion later this year. Designed by San Fransisco based architect firm Gensler, the 121 story, 632 meter high building is the second highest in the world. It stands with its two brothers, the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai Financial Centre (the one that looks like a giant bottle opener) and its current construction can be followed though the usual minuture looking webcam. Here however we have the chance to see the tower from the top, the very top. We by no means condone the trespassing and immediate danger to life that this video portrays, yet thanks to our Russian climbers the video gives a fascinating insight into the real height (compared to a small human) of this huge building. Jelly legs!

shanghai tower 2.jpg  Image © Vitaliy Raskalov,