What’s New On The Bookshelf? July 2017 Edition

by | 13. Jul 2017

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Looking for inspiration for your summer reading? Don’t worry. We’ve found some of the top releases to sweeten your summer even more!

For those interested in the Scandinavian design approach, a new book just arrived freshly from the print. There’s also news about contemporary museum architecture as well as investigations on religious architecture and sacred spaces. Additionally, we’ll provide you with the convergence between modernist architecture and international trends, and finally, a new publication that casts a glance of the visionary work of MVRDV is now available. For us, there’s no doubt about our top readings this summer!


Vibrations – A Portrait of Houses Designed by Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects
By Karsten R.S. Ifversen, Jens Markus Lindhe
Publisher: Hatje Cantz
Hardcover: 172 pages

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Danish firm, Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects, is featured in a new portrait that revolves around the intense atmospheres and vibrations evoked inside and around buildings.  Through the work of Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, the author of the new book, Karsten R.S. Ifversen, elaborates on the art of making architecture vibrate on the spot, in people and in time. The book features projects of excellent quality such as The Royal Danish Theatre, the renowned dormitory in Copenhagen, Tietgen Kollegiet, The SEB Bank, and one of their newly inaugurated projects: The Axel Towers.

Through a philosophical point of view, the book furthermore examines architectural quality and  the unique approach of Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects through different cases accompanied with photographic portrayals by Danish architectural photographer, Jens Markus Lindhe.

Snohetta Museum Architecture.jpg

What is a Museum Now?: Snøhetta and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
By Snøhetta, Rebecca Solnit
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Lars Müller

The work of Norwegian firm Snøhetta is characterized by the interaction between human their physical surroundings. This book investigates museum architecture conducted by the firm and its role in today’s society. What is a Museum Now features a comprehensive study conducted on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) among other projects. The book furthermore highlights social interaction and diversity from an architectural point of view through sketches, drawings and photographic documentations of the design and construction process that lead to the realization of the SFMOMA.

Rebuilding Babel.jpg

Rebuilding Babel: Modern Architecture and Internationalism
By Mark Crinson
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd

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The famous biblical tale about the Tower of Babel tells the story of human nature and the ability of co-creation and collaboration. This book focuses on how the majority of modernist architecture has been inspired by the emergence of globalism. Mainly centred around the convergence between modernist and international trends of the 1920s and the post-war era, Rebuilding Babel underlines how such architecture uses the themes of cooperative community of builders and a common language of forms as an inspirational platform.

Rituals and Walls.jpg

Rituals and Walls: The Architecture of Sacred Space

By Pier Vittorio Aureli
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Architectural Association Publications

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Rituals and Walls: The Architecture of Sacred Space focuses on a year-long study and investigation of the nature of sacred space conducted by the students at the Architectural Association (AA). The study is introduced alongside critical texts analyzing the political and ideological meaning of religious architecture. Stating that architectural space must comply with rituals through which the sacred is enacted, each proposal aligns with political and social ethos and the nature of sacred spaces.


A+U 559 17:04: MVRDV FILES#3
Publisher: A+U Publishing


As the 3rd in a series, this issues of A+U is devoted to the work  of Dutch firm, MVRDV – a firm that has been in rapid growth since its establishment in 1993 with numerous world-famous projects. This issue presents no less than 37 projects and explores some of the most visionary work to date through different cases and interviews with the design MVRDV’s principles. The publication features Rotterdam’s Market Hall, the library Book Mountain, Seoul Skygarden, Ragnarock in Roskilde and much more.