What’s New On The Bookshelves? October 2015 Edition

by | 23. Oct 2015


This month’s coming-soon-to-a-bookshop-near-you includes a call for reavulating the disfavored Brutalist concrete structures in Boston, comprehensive monographs on Steven Holl and Yona Friedman, a project-based survey of recent works in Swiss architecture and a compelling study of the issues of energy management in architecture.


Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston

by Mark Pasnik (Author), Chris Grimley (Author), Michael Kubo (Author)

Paperback, 336 pages
Publisher: The Monacelli Press
Publish date: October 27, 2015

In Boston, like in few other major U.S. city, building with concrete was deployed in a staggering amount of diverse civic, cultural, and academic projects during the 60s and 70s.

The product of 8 years of research and advocacy, Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston  surveys the intentions and aspirations of this period and considers anew its legacies-both troubled and inspired.



Steven Holl

by Robert McCarter (Author)

Hardcover, 340 pages
Publisher: Phaidon Press
Publish date: October 26, 2015

This in-depth Phaidon monograph is devoted to one of the leading US architects on the contemporary scene, Steven Holl.

Richly illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs and Holl’s own watercolours, the book introduces the artist’s personality and works, and the studio he founded in 1976, Steven Holl architects.



Yona Friedman. The Dilution of Architecture

by Yona Friedman (Author), Manuel Orazi (Author), Nader Seraj (Editor), Cyril Veillon (Editor)

Paperback, 592 pages
Publisher: Park Books
Publish date: November 15, 2015

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Yona Friedman. The Dilution of Architecture offers the first comprehensive overview of the impressive body of work of one of the most fascinating architectural theorists of our time, Hungarian-born French architect Yona Friedman.

The book explores Friedman’s process, taking readers through the movements and projects with which he has been involved, from Archigram, an avant-garde architectural group formed in the 60s; to the construction of ephemeral, emergency architecture in disaster zones; architectural utopianism; and the rise and fall of the megastructure.

Supplementing the essays, the book includes a vast collection of sketches, drawings, and documents related to Friedman’s work and concludes with a conversation between Friedman and the Swiss architect and writer Bernard Tschumi.



New Swiss Architecture

by Maya Birke von Graevenitz (Author), Nathalie Herschdorfer (Editor)

Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Publish date: November 9, 2015 (1st edition)

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New Swiss Architecture goes beyond the standard project-based survey, documenting the most important buildings of the last decade of Swiss architecture through architectural photographs that highlight the detail, volumetric play, and material experimentation of the buildings and portray them in the unique environments in which they have been designed and built.

The first section of the book presents a photographic portfolio of projects. The second section describes each of the featured buildings in concise texts and architectural illustrations.


The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform

by Janette Kim (Author), Erik Carver (Author)

Paperback,192 pages
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Publish date: November 3, 2015

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The first book to map the political implications of energy management in architecture, The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform  reenvisions collective priorities in the face of climate change, at scales ranging from the microelectronic to macroregional.

It is an much-needed call to action, urging citizens and designers to questions how political ecology can reshape architectural objects and objectives.