What’s On? Architectural Exhibitions And Events, January 2017 Edition

by | 11. Jan 2017

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A few days ago, we said goodbye to 2016 and welcomed the year 2017. A year kicked off by  a diverse program within the field of architecture. 2017 will be the year where two major events will be defining the cultural sphere throughout the whole year both in Denmark and in France. In Denmark, Aarhus will set the scene for European Capital of Culture, meanwhile in France the famous Centre Pompidou and other related venues will present a broad palette of events when celebrating its 40 years anniversary.

Furthermore, the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) will be focusing on the theme of waste management, whilst Kunsten Museum of Modern Art presents a retrospective exhibition on one of the most remarkable modernist architects, Alvar Aalto. Lastly, Deutsches Arkitekturmuseum will applaud contemporary German architecture during their annual DAM Preis.



Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017
Opening: 21 January  7-9 pm
Musikhuset Aarhus
Aarhus, Denmark

This year, the city of Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture and representing central Denmark. No less than 18 municipalities will be home to a great amount of cultural activities throughout the year. Architecture wise, the program (direct link) stretches from workshops, festivals, walks to physical architectural prototypes.

Saturday the 21st, a festive ceremony will welcome the year 2017 and culminates into tableaus projected directly on the buildings on the new harbour front.

Architecture program for Aarhus 2017



Centre Pompidou 40 years anniversary
Ending of 2016 to beginning of 2018
75 different venues, mainly Centre Pompidou
Paris, France

In 2017 it is 40 years ago Renzo Piano’s famous Centre Georges Pompidou was erected in Paris, France. Ever since, the building has been the parisian center for contemporary art, design and architecture. Throughout 2017, Centre Pompidou will be celebrated in no less than 40 different cities and 75 different venues both in and outside France. For those interested in architecture, there will be exhibitions featuring architect and designer Eileen Gray, the exhibition MĂ©gastuctures juxtaposing the human scale and industrial landscapes, and much more.


Lendager.jpgPhoto courtesy: Lendager Group

26 January – 17 April
Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish architecture firm, Lendager Group, is known for their devotion to circular design and reuse. This winter, DAC presents Wasteland: an exhibition focusing on the process of upcycling. The exhibition thematizes waste management by stating that 1,3 tons of waste is annually produced in Denmark alone. On the basis of six different materials such as glass and concrete etc., the exhibition portrays the upcycling process in which these materials undergo the transformation from raw material to components being used in building design.


Copyright: Schnildt Foundation, Göran Schnildt

Alvar Aalto – Second Nature
27 Jan – 17 April
Kunsten Museum of Modern Art
Aalborg, Denmark

Finish architect Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) is well known as a pioneer within modernism. Throughout his career stretching from the 20s up until the 70s, Aalto not only managed to design more than 400 buildings but also furniture and lamps. This January, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art designed by Aalto himself, presents a retrospective exhibition featuring some of the most remarkable architectural projects as well as drawings and models characterizing the practice of Alvar Aalto.

The exhibition is a collaboration with Vitra Design Museum.


Photo courtesy: Werner Huthmacher

DAM Preis 2017
Deutsches Arkitekturmuseum (DAM)
Opening and award ceremony: 27 January
28 January until 30 April
Frankfurt, Germany

Each year, DAM presents an exhibition dedicated to the DAM Preis for architecture which showcases outstanding projects by architecture firms based in Germany. This year, the exhibition features 21 projects in Germany and 3 in countries such as Spain, Burkina Faso and Paris. The exhibition shows several examples that underlines the diversity of contemporary projects stretching from housing construction, refurbishment of existing buildings, design of subway stations, schools and nurseries, manufacturing buildings, and a mourning chapel.