What’s On? Architectural Exhibitions And Events, October 2016

by | 07. Oct 2016

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This month we’re bringing you a huge retrospective exhibition of COBE held at the Danish Architecture Centre, a MOMA exhibition looking through the history of refugees, and a look at what’s been happening over the past 30 years in the Flemish architecture scene under the shadow of Dutch architecture. We’re also bringing you an exhibition of the world’s tallest buildings by SOM, and an exhibition discussing whether timber will become the material of the future.

Our Urban Living Room

14 October – 8 January 2017
Danish Architecture Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark

On 14 October 2016 the Danish Architecture Centre will open an exhibition about the Danish architectural practice, Cobe. In just ten years, COBE have managed to establish themselves as a leading practice with a great understanding of the function of architecture as a social engine. This exhibition at DAC involves a totally unique concept. In addition to visiting the exhibition, visitors can also visit COBE and enjoy a close-up experience of some of the buildings they have designed located within walking distance of DAC.


Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter

1 October – 22 January 2017
Museum of Modern Art
New York, USA

For over 60 million persons in the world today, shelter is defined through constant movement or escape. Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter explores the ways in which contemporary architecture and design have addressed notions of shelter in light of global refugee emergencies. From the strengthening of international borders to the logistics of mobile housing systems, how we understand shelter is ultimately defined through an engagement with security. Refugee camps, once considered temporary settlements, have become sites through which to examine how human rights intersect with the making of cities. Bringing together projects by architects, designers, and artists, working in a range of mediums and scales, that respond to the complex circumstances brought about by forced displacement, the exhibition focuses on conditions that disrupt conventional images of the built environment.

Sky’s the Limit – SOM the Engineering of Architecture

13 October – 15 January 2017
Utzon Centre
Aalborg, Denmark

Presented for the first time in Scandinavia, ‘Sky’s the Limit’ takes you into the realm of skyscrapers and large building structures designed by the internationally renowned architecture and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). Founded in Chicago in 1936, SOM has completed more than 10,000 projects in over 50 countries. Presented through sketches, renderings and scale models of notable skyscrapers, the exhibition captures SOM’s innovative integration of structural expression and architectural design. Inspired by the hand-built exhibition models, visitors will be able to build their own structures with LEGO bricks before entering a virtual reality in Minecraft placing them at the pinnacle of their imagination’s tallest building.


Custom Made Architecture from Flanders and the Netherlands

8 October – 12 February 2017
Flanders Architecture Institute
Antwerp, Belgium

The past thirty years have been crucial years for architecture in the Low Countries, north and south of the border between Belgian Flanders and the Netherlands. While the public image of Dutch architecture has been dominated by the substantial campaigns promoting the ‘Superdutch’, during much of this period Flemish architecture has developed largely out of the limelight and has only more recently attracted the attention of the international media. The presentation of architects from both Flanders and the Netherlands will provide a new perspective on the apparently much more well- known Dutch architecture, and the productive relationships between representatives from these two architectural cultures which are so different and complementary, yet also connected by one language.

The exhibition shows a selection of approximately sixty architectural models. It places the emphasis on tailored work, precision and craftsmanship as undercurrents in Flemish and Dutch architecture of the past thirty years.


Timber – Paths to the Future

21 October – 15 January 2017
Berliner Festspiele
Berlin, Germany

On the basis of international and national outstanding projects, the exhibition ecologically-sustainable and current positions of the wooden architecture and modern wooden architecture. spectacular projects by Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban or Frei Otto will be presented as well as trend-setting urban wooden residences, for example, by Kaden Klingbeil & Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg, as well as the latest trends of wood construction on the high-rise building limit. Large-size models are accompanied by comprehensive plans, texts and photographs.