Modernism Rediscovered

by | 23. Aug 2012



“With the wide angle lens of architectural photography, Shulman captured not only the space of these buildings. He rendered their interrelation with nature and their spirit of a new way of life, and kept the balance of simplicity with a taste of Hollywood glamour…. If ‘Modernism Rediscovered’ is a splendidly illustrated cocktail of architecture, glamour, and nature, then designers feasting on imagination and form in the new millennium will be delighted by the fresh taste.”
Architecture Week

laszlo1.jpg Photo courtesy Julius Shulman
The Paul Laszlo Crenshaw Theater 1941

Shulman’s 1939 Oldsmobile with Mrs Shulman in the drivers seat.
The buildings burned in our memories, which to us represent the spirit of fifties and sixties architectural design, were those whose pictures were widely published in magazines and books; but what about those that got lost in the process, hardly or never appearing in publication?

The exchange of visual information is crucial to the development, evolution, and promotion of architectural movements. If a building is not widely seen, its photograph rarely or never published, it simply does not enter into architectural discourse. Many buildings photographed by Shulman suffered this fate, their images falling into oblivion. With this new book, Taschen brings them to light, paying homage to California Modernism in all its forms.

6.Julius-Shulman.jpg Photo: arcspace
Julius Shulman at his studio.

The abandoned files of Julius Shulman show us another side of Modernism that has stayed quiet for so many years. Bringing together nearly 300 forgotten masterpieces, Modernism Rediscovered pays tribute to these lesser known yet outstanding contributions to the modern architectural movement. It’s like sneaking into a private history, into homes that have rarely been seen and hardly appreciated as of yet.

The author:
Pierluigi Serraino graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Rome, “La Sapienza,” in 1994. He earned his M.Arch. at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles in 1996 and his MA in Architecture at the University of California Los Angeles in 1999. Born in Messina, Italy, Pierluigi currently resides in San Francisco, California.