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by | 04. Sep 2014

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House-in-motion-In Motion-2014.jpg

House in Motion. In Motion (2014)

Throughout his career, Danish artist Jes Fomsgaard has worked with architectural motives – inspired by the principles of modern city planning and the architectural concepts of the Antiquity alike. Architect Anders Abrahamsen has been exploring the field between art and architecture in both theory and praxis for years. The exhibition House in Motion is a first time collaboration between the two.

Art and architecture in motion

In the upcoming exhibition at Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, Abraham and Fomsgaard explore the notion of movement in art and architecture through a series of collaborative works.

The title, House in Motion refers to the basic dilemma that even though architecture appear to be stable, its characteristics and connotations are created by ever-changing relations. Thus, architecture is in a state of flux, just like art.
/ Jes Fomsgaard

On the one side, you have the works of Fomsgaard with clear references to physical structures, spaces and buildings in which people live and act. On the other, you have Abraham’s spatial installations inspired by Fomsgaard’s use of architectural elements and means of creating space.  Abraham’s installations consist of reconfigurable elements creating varied spatialities and a room in motion.     

House-in-motion-Drawing on paper-2013.jpg

House in Motion. Drawing on paper (2013)

The meeting between architect and artist

The exhibition also looks at the tangible meeting between artist and architect through a series of quotes from Fomsgaard and Abraham, which sheds some light on their respective views on and approaches to the relation between art and architecture. And it is clearly a fiery meeting, as some of the quotes from the exhibition clearly show.

One must accept that art – due to its lack of function – often acts as a “prosthesis” in the architecture in which it has not been incorporated from the very beginning.
/ Anders Abraham

House in Motion isn’t your usual art exhibition and it is a highly unusual architecture exhibition – like its subjects, it exists somewhere in between the two.


House in Motion. Sumo (2011)


House in Motion. Cathedral (2013)


About Jes Fomsgaard

Born 1948, artist. Danish artist that has worked a lot with architectural motives and spatial effects. Fomsgaard has made art for e.g. the University of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Gymnasium and received various funds and prizes.

About Anders Abraham

Born 1964, architect. Anders Abraham has worked for several years both theoretically and practically with the tension between art and architecture. He is professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.