Naturalizing Architecture: ArchiLab 2013

by | 24. Sep 2013

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FRAC ArchiLab building day

The Turbulence: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

By Christopher William Reeves

The exhibition ‘Naturalizing Architecture’ held in Orleans, Central France is no exception in characterizing the true spirit of ArchiLab events; acting as a true laboratory for showcasing architectures most advanced research. This, the 9th ArchiLab exhibition focuses upon the interaction between digital architecture and the sciences, exploring the challenges faced in simulating the living world. 

Organic rendering

Organic Rendering Photo: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

Architects are no longer professionals armed only with pencils and paper. Modern Architects are at a crossroads of design, computer science, engineering and biology. Through the use of today’s most advanced digital tools, architects can envisage projects with dynamic and evolving principles, much like the principles found in nature. The combination of these principles and the new generation of digital tools mean architects can design organic buildings; those with the ability to adapt and evolve in close interaction with the material conditions of the local environment. Today, nature’s structures do not only act as architectural inspiration but as blueprints for digital design.  Architecture has been radically redefined by this new relationship as well as the constant evolution of the processes and tools for digital manufacture.

Organic rendering wood

ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart, Prof.Achim Menges, ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion, 2011 © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

It is this new generation of architects who are celebrated at this exhibition. With over 40 architect offices displaying projects, including MAD Architects and B+U, amongst many others, this exhibition looks not only at present day architectural creations but glimpses into the future of a truelly diversifying profession.

This attention grabbing exhibition will be supplemented by interactive environments and various instillations and pavilions to make for a great architectural day out!

In addition to the exhibition, the FRAC Center will boast its very own architectural creation. The Turbulences, an extension of the Center itself is an innovative structure designed by Architects Jacob + MacFarlane. Featuring a prefabricated tubular structure covered by an anodized aluminum casing, The Turbulences conceptualizes the exhibitions essence of connecting architecture with nature. The extension is also partly covered by an interactive ‘veil of light,’ sure to be a must see in the evening hours.

FRAC ArchiLab building night

The Turbulence. Photo: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans


Animated Apertures. Photo: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

FRAC ArchiLab organic pic 1

Faulders Studio, GEOtube, 2009, © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

FRAC ArchiLab extra

Akihisa Hirata, Bloomberg Pavilion, 2011 © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

FRAC ArchiLab lighting

Photo: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

FRAC ArchiLab 3

Bloom Games, Alisa Andrasek, Jose Sanchez, Bloom, 2012   © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans

FRAC ArchiLab building night 2 FRAC ArchiLab building day 2Photo: © Collection FRAC Centre, Orléans


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